Nigerian politicians are evil, voting an unknown candidate is ultimate

These are the generation closest to Black people enslaved and
does not know how to manage the freedom, the freedom the
generations before them fought for, lost their lives to attain.
they were handed over freedom but they are passing on bondage
to generation unborn. Nigerians emancipate yourselves from been
enslaved in your own country like the colonial masters did your
these men are evil. the generation before them suffered to attain
freedom, freedom that wasn’t cheap, freedom that was priceless, it
was not gotten on a platter of gold but by spillages of many blood.
and here we are, the people that some of their parents,
grandparent or direct family members were carted away in slave
boat from the shores of their country are sending the unborn
generation to slavery even before they were conceived.
if you are a parent in this 21st century or hoping to be one
someday. you must rise up and fight these ungrateful wicked sons
of people enslaved, so they don’t send us back to bondage.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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