Nigerians and their love for title

I served with the National Identity Management Commission
(NIMC) during my NYSC.
What we do basically was to enroll people for their National
Identity Card.
We would give out forms to be filled by enrollees in order to make
our job easier and for record keeping. The craze to get registered
back then was high, hence, the office was usually crowded, and
each of us enroll close to a 100 persons per day.
So there was this middle-aged Professor who came to register for
his National ID card.
The options for titles on the system and by extension the form
were limited to Mr./Mrs./Miss/Master/Ms.
Enrollees were meant to strike out all the titles that don’t refer to
them, and leave the only title that described them.
This Professor struck out all the titles and wrote “Prof” in front of
his name. So he had “Prof. Martins Igwe” on his form, as his name.
When it got to his turn to be enrolled, my colleague KC, who was to
enroll him, told him that the system does not recognise “Professor”
as a title. He was told he could only use “Mr.” The Professor
refused and after much argument, he collected his form from KC
and edited the name to Martins Igwe(Professor), then gave the
form back.
This time KC said nothing, he simply typed the name in, exactly as
the professor had written it. After he was done with him, he asked
him to go to the reception to wait for his temporary ID (a slip).
About 30 minutes later, the Professor walked back in fuming, slip
in hand. The Commission’s State Coordinator, whom he had
apparently reported KC to, was trailing behind him.
“That’s the stupid boy that enrolled me” he said pointing to KC.
“KC what have you done here?” Asked the Coordinator as he took
the slip from the Professor and showed it to us.
The system had deleted the brackets “( )”, because it doesn’t
recognize special characters too, and merged “Professor” with
“Igwe”. The name on the slip was “Martins IgweProfessor”
I could barely suppress my laughter when I saw it.
KC simply showed the Coordinator the filled form and explained
what happened to him.
Unfortunately, the name could not be corrected immediately,
because once your enrollment has been accepted, it is immediately
stored in the database in Abuja and It would take a couple of years
before they start the editing process.
Las las the Coordinator pleaded with the Professor to be patient
until the Commission start editing the database.
That’s how the Title-freak Professor was left with a slip that he
could not use for any official purpose.
If only he had accepted to be addressed as a Mr.


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