Nigerians are defrauded by Buhari, My advice to Nigerians come 2019 election

There were those who gave him their votes because he (they)
promised fuel would be sold for less than N45 , And that paying
subsidy was fraud… “Who. Is paying who? Who Is subsidising
who? ” he asked
Those who voted them because the man said ” ”What is the
difference between me and those who elected us to represent
them, absolutely nothing. Why should the Nigerian president not fly
with other Nigerian public? Why do I need to embark on a foreign
trip as a president with a huge crowd with public funds? Why do I
need to go for a medical trip abroad if we cannot make our
hospital functional?’
by implication meaning
•our health sector will be improved.
•Spending on all forms of medical trips will be cancelled
•He above anyone else would never seek medical attention
• he would be the first president to fly commercial always
• he will cut down on spending, and waste
Then there are those who voted not for apc, what sold them was
the 100 things apc will do in the first 100 days..
Then of course there are those who voted because they said the
office of the first lady will be scrapped, not turned to the office of
the wife of the president.
There are those who listened to fashola’s words( sometimes when
I look at those videos again, I begin to think fashola himself
believed the things he said then) , and simply couldn’t forget it, they
voted for all his promises, as I type, he is yet to deliver 20%. The
most annoying thing here is he hasn’t even owned up to this fail.
Those who were sold on the idea of a new national carrier.. What
can I say? It really looked easy, “sell of some of the planes in the
presidential fleet” he said or “convert them to the first sets
ofplanes in the national Airline” UNA good morning ooo, day Don
There are those who voted because Amaechi said rivers state and
indeed the entire southern south, didn’t benefit anything from
Jonathan, and he made sure they believed him.
Those who never missed lai Mohammed’s interviews or
appearances in public because he would make new revelations
they could use to fire back at jonathanians who were always
LISTING OUT GEJ’s achievements, and although most of these
ones were bonafide apc card carriers .. Some were just honest
Nigerians who felt disenchanted and angry at the humongous
amounts of money lai never ceased (thunder punish that man) to
mention everytime ‘IT’ was given a microphone, whether ‘IT’ got an
audience or not.
Several voted because for the first time an ‘alleged’ man of
integrity, who doesn’t talk much. told them he & his vice would
declare their assets publicly, and ensure all his ministers did same.[maxbutton id=”1″ ]
To all of you, I say “wake up for the sake of the next generation of
Nigerians, and the future, please wake up,
I say, “stop Living in that illusion, stop Deceiving yourselves, The
buhari you voted for didn’t disappoint you, his govt wasn’t hijacked
BY any cabal, he isn’t limited by his age, he just simply never
To compare this ‘THING’ with a Jonathan (with all the flaws they
claimed GEJ had), would be like comparing good old common
sleep To death
You were duped..
3 years is enough to realise you’ve been played.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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