By the stroke of the pen, Abacha made TY a billionaire in dollars.
When Odi happened TY was minister of defense. When Zaki Biam
happened TY was minister of defense When the tribes on the Jos
plateau aided and abetted by the state government attacked and
murdered in thousands their Muslim neighbours including the
herdsmen and in the process igniting the now trending farmers-
herders conflict in 2001, TY was minister of defense. TY was
strongly rumored to be the sole financier of the tribal wars that
raged for almost a decade in the late 1990s and early 2000s
between the Jukuns and Kutebs in his own state of Taraba. He is
also fingered as the Jukun don in their continuing ethnic war with
the Tivs. In 2015, TY nominated and ensured that Darius Ishakua
became the Governor of Taraba state inspite of rumours of
massive vote rigging. TY was there when over 800 peaceful,
unarmed, innocent Fulani herders along thousands of their cattle
were massacred in cold blood in their ranches on the Mambilla
plateau with active connivance, encouragement and support of his
boy Darius Ishaku the governor of Taraba state. He was also there
when the governor wrote a letter to the state commissioner of
police and ordered the release of the few murderers earlier
arrested for the crimes on the Mambilla Plateau. TY was there
again when the mambilla tribal militia returned on at least 3 more
occasions to the herders’ ranches to kill, maim, steal, burn and
destroy lives and livelihoods. In all these, TY had nothing to say.
The hundreds of herders and others killed in his own state got
neither his words of condolences, sympathy or relief from the
billions of dollars he creamed off from the Nigerian state. There’s
something very peculiar about the elite from the minority ethnic
groups in northern Nigeria. It seems the only value they add to
their states and people is hate, violence, intolerance and unending
strife. Yet he’s an elder statesman.


  1. God help us

  2. This is too hard

  3. If all this is true,a close watch should be kept on such person. He might be the reason for insurgence too

  4. Ok

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