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Education is a systematic
process through which a child or an adult in Nigeria acquires
knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an
individual civilized, refined, cultured and educated. In the modern
times, it is felt that education should have its preparatory value to
enable individuals to earn his livelihood or to make both ends
meet in order to live happily and successfully. The aim of
education in the democratic countries and underdeveloped country
like ours Nigeria should be the cultivation of democratic values in
the minds of the children and individuals-faith in democratic way
of living, respect for dignity of other persons, freedom, equality of
opportunity, justice, tolerance, change, and peaceful methods and
faith in co-operative living and above all fellow-feelingness.
Having said all that; most people will understand where i am
heading to; but if you don’t i will explain: ENOUGH OF THE
YOUTH is the solution hence Youthful Vision and Mission of
Educational prowess is something that shows its real intent for
Nigerians and a different approach to governance which certainly
can be seen as a……NEW DAWN! Nigeria as a country has
produced leaders that are not educated and/or not intellectual
leaders. While those who seems educated cannot pay attention to
education for selfish reasons; who will carry ballot boxes for
them, who will do their dirty jobs, who will serve them, who will
remain loyal to them, who will not challenge them and who will not
criticize them and as we all know education brings opposite of
these. You cannot expect these crops of politicians to give you
condusive environment for teaching and learning because they
will not allow you to rise. My brothers and sisters let us join our
hands together despite our tribes, religion and former and present
political affiliations to drive this NEW DAWN for a better and
United Nigeria. God bless Rivers state God bless Nigeria

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