Nigerians will be ashame for allowing Buhari to get to Aso Rock come 2019

The Nigerian Police has degenerated to a mere political tool in the
hands of the Buhari administration. All they do is assist the FG rig
elections. How on earth would the police declare a candidate
wanted after admitting the matter is in court?
We must all hide our heads in shame for allowing these
desperados find themselves in power. Corrupt elements whose
only goal is to rig and destroy the foundations of democracy. This
is the lowest moment in the nation’s democratic history.
Since the unenviable declaration of our Police as the worst in the
world, today’s partisan display by the IGP Idris will go down in
history as the most ridiculous attempt by the police to assist a
political party to rig.
How on earth would the transmission transmitter turn the Police
into an agency to promote undue advantage for the APC ahead of
the Saturday’s Osun Governorship Election.
This week alone, the APC Federal Government released close to
N40billion to the Osun State Govt for the payment of backlog of
salaries. The Federal Government went to the markets and shared
monies to traders. All these were done to mitigate the disaster of
Aregbe govt.
From the desperation shown by the Police and the Buhari
administration, it is expected that several unconventional rigging
methods, including sharing of billions to security agencies and
INEC officials will herald attempts to rig on Saturday .
This is the worst time in the nation’s history. The police are now a
full fledged registered political party, working against National
Most painfully, the Police would be active in snatching ballot
boxes, card readers and result sheets on Saturday . They did all
that during the Port Harcourt State Constituency Three Election.
Do not expect the traditional media and civil society groups to
report as the APC would buy them over. Little wonder INEC
announced that it will not allow phones and photographic devices
at the voting centres. These crooks have perfected their rigging
Osun people must decide their future. They must be vigilant. They
cannot trust security agencies or INEC. God has exposed them
with this unthinkable error by the transmission transmitter.
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Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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