Nigeria’s democracy is in for a “Dejavu” with the Elizabethan intrigues unapologetically-Agada Ikechukwu

Nigeria’s democracy is in for a “Dejavu” with the Elizabethan
intrigues unapologetically put on display in the south-west the
penultimate week. Those in the know stands at attention whilst
discussing in hushed tones the maverick chess game obviously
imported from the celestial bodies; an intonation for rocket
Our democracy is increasingly losing its shine essentially because
the political parties want to be democratic in a manner that
advances mostly the interests of some leaders and not that of the
masses. Nigeria’s democracy is taking south with the desperation
that wired out in the just concluded Osun Election.
The Osun State charade was a novel illustration of the politics of
“Tall Order” which submits to the saying “ He who pays the piper
dictates the tune”. A careful visit of the re-run elections going on
across the states will welcome you with this conspicuous message
“ 2019 Presidential Election is done and dusted, waiting for
manifestation”. Even the blind can see the message. Anybody still
waiting for how the 2019 Presidential Election will pan out, should
stop dreaming. The desperation to occupy the Aso Rock Seat of
Power in 2019 and 2023 oiled the Osun paradox. The naked dance
was a spillover of the unfinished clash of ego between Saraki and
the Lagos godfather.
It took many by surprise when the godfather of Lagos politics
declined to endorse his once favourite godson. It is no secret that
when the news of their disagreement broke out, both parties
feverishly issued strong denials. They spiritedly engaged in
integrity protection measures, thus fabricating amazing stories of
their inseperableness. However, they both tired out of the tales by
moonlight and eventually lost the nerve to carry on the latent battle
sooner than they could ever imagine. At that juncture, the truth
papered out.
In Lagos politics, this man of massive means(godfather) is
definitely the man to beat. He has attained the status of a social
and political doll that every political and public office holder pays
homage to. He is a man about town whose words are law. His
tentacles spread across south-west geopolitical zone and to a
larger extent, Nigeria in general. He has discipled a lot of Nigeria’s
political heavyweights. He has erected a tall political empire that
engaging him is akin to committing political suicide. A clarion visit
to his architectural state-of-the art mansion betrays a king of no
meagre pedigree. He calls the shot, decides who gets what, when
and how. He is a pragmatic testament of the proverbial modern
great man. His acolyte won the Osun African Magic.
Unlike in some sister states where the chief executives have been
decorated in their parties; such blanket cheque is far removed
from the Lagos Chief Executive who is facing the mother of all
battles. The APC Lagos primary election promises to be the most
exciting involving three-horse race. The Lagos drama has
generated massive media attention and has become a subject of
every political gathering in the state. It is a season of good tidings
for some political jobbers who are harvesting the crisis for their
pecuniary gains.
Will the sparks fly? As godson confronts godfather’s anointed
candidate in a popularity contest in an obviously wired crowd. The
both parties have gone to the drawing board to plot the victory
graph for their principals. All attempts to throw spanner in the
wheel of the governor’s progress failed rather he remained
undaunted and soldiered on to the chagrin of his traducers. He
smartly ignored innuendoes, inferences and jabs fired to
discourage him from piloting the affairs of the coastal city for the
next four years.
He is facing stiff opposition from his party generals who felt
slighted by his policies that had gravely injured their economic
lifelines. The forces against him have elected to see his back by all
means possible. They are determined to take their pound of flesh
via the direct primary holding today.
To still man the Alausa Government House, the governor needs to
sought solace in the wisdom of God and activate modern
intelligence in the face of mountain of odds against his re-election.
He needs to seek audience with the heavily distraught former State
House Chaplain(Man of God) who was booted out( disgraced) on
flimsy reasons. Forgiveness conversation between the duo can go
a long way because the cleric must have issued some dangerous
As we watch the unfolding drama, which will be largely decided by
the Lagos APC delegates based on the “Tall Order”. The
realignment of former foes turned friends shows that politics is all
about interest, no permanent friend or enemy. Interestingly, there
is no union of hearts that does not meet its end, friends after
friends leave each other, but comrades in true spirit stay. In the
end, a winner and a loser must emerge.


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