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His name is Reverend
Father Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh, MSSP. Bushy haired and
well built, the dark skinned popular priest is widely knownas
‘Father Edeh’ or ‘Father Elele’ because of hisCatholic Prayer
Ministryand thePilgrimage Centrefor Eucharistic Adoration and
Special Marian Devotion which he sited in Elele, Rivers State.A
native of Akpugo in Enugu State, there is hardly any serious
Catholic who has not heard about his pilgrimage centre or even
visited there. In fact, his blue, red and white stickers adorn many
homes, offices and cars.Unarguably a billionaire, Father Edeh has
interests in education, health, publishing, merchandising, real
estate, agriculture, hospitality, banking, to mention but few. The
irony, however, is that in spite of giving birth toall these, everything
is still in the name of church. Especially because he’s a Holy Ghost
priest and members of that congregation are not permitted to own
anything.The founder ofMadonna University(in Okija, Ihiala,
Anambra State),Caritas University(in Emene, Enugu
State),OSISATECH Polytechnic(also in Enugu),Our Saviour College
of Education,Our Saviour Primary and Secondary Schools, his
investment in the educational sector is massive and
monumental.Also the brain behindOur Saviour Diagnostic
CentresandMadonna Hospitals,theFathers,SistersandBrothers of
Jesus The Saviour Congregationswere also set up by him.
Likewise mayfresh mortage Bank.Richly endowed with trading
skills and acumen,Triumph Water,Truimph brevages, Triumph
range of cosmetics, etc also belong to him. Equally into the
production of sacramentals, there are very, very few priests that
can compete with him in terms of industry and resourcefulness,
both here and abroad. Overflowing with anointing, thousands
throng his pilgrimage centre monthlyfor blessings, freedom and
prayers. Naturally self-effacing, it’s his good works that have been
giving him away.Born in 1947, his healing ministry commenced in
1985, soon after his ordination, in Elele, a rural community in
Rivers State. But soon grew to become one of the top Catholic
pilgrimage centres in the world. Educated atHoly Angels Catholic
Primary School,Akpugo, Enugu;Holy Ghost Juniorate,Ihiala,
Anambra;Holy Ghost Scholarsticate, Awo Omama, Imo;Bigard
Memorial Seminary, Enugu;Urban University, Rome, Italy;De Paul
University, Chicago, USA andLoyolaUniversity Medical Centrecum
Mary Ann Jay Hospital, Illinois, USA, the professor’s deeds of
charity and volume of humility resonate far and wide. His father is
late, but themother is still alive. Alongside his three other siblings
– a man and two women.

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