Nine easy steps to apply your makeup: Part 1


Are you just delving into the world of makeup and you are a bit confused as to where to even begin with all the makeup products? Well, we are here for you. Follow these simple steps and your makeup game will be on so strong.
1. Moisturizer: Well moisturized skin is the best foundation on which to lay your makeup. Use a cream or spray moisturizer after washing your face, and let it sink in before you begin.
2. Primer: Primers help to hold your foundation and concealer longer than they naturally would stay. It reduces the visibility of your pores and helps cover some blemishes. Apply this on your face and neck.
3. Concealer: You have spots and blackheads you want to hide? This is what you are looking for. Apply it on the concerned regions and blend it in well. Your concealer should be about a shade lighter than your skin tone.
4. Foundation: As the name implies, it holds the rest of your makeup up. Use a foundation that is the same shade as your natural skin tone. Apply sparingly to your chin, cheeks, and forehead. Use a blender to blend it with the rest of your face, till you achieve an even, flawless tone.
5. Highlighter and Bronzer: See those makeup effect that gives a well-sculpted face? You achieve that with these. You should use a highlighter that is lighter than your natural tone, and apply it along with your cheekbones. For the bronzer, use a darker shade and apply it along with your jawline.



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