Nine easy steps to apply your makeup: Part 2


6. Blush: Blush gives you a pleasant, radiant glow that adds something extra to your overall look. Apply it lightly to the apple of your checks. You can locate this by smiling; apply the blush from said apples, and take it all the way to your hairline.
7. Eyebrow: Well defined eyebrows make your eyes stand out boldly. Use a pencil that is slightly lighter than the color of your hair, and follow the natural line of your brows.
8. Eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara: Eyes are the window to the soul, they say. They make a statement, and with the right eye makeup, you can make your eyes say anything you want- bold, smoky, seductive, whatever you want! Wear the right eyeshadow and eyeliner to achieve the effect you desire, and use mascara to define your lashes.
9. Lipstick, lip liner and gloss: Lipsticks are fun to apply as they are very flexible! You can decide to wear any color you like, or even mix colors. Line the outer edge of your lips before you wear your lipstick, it makes for an easier application. Don’t forget to smack your lips. You can decide to go without and wear gloss alone. Anything works, really.
Don’t forget to always take off your makeup at night before you sleep.


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