Nnamdi Kanu is secretly working for APC, and not fighting for Biafra cause-Chibueze Opara

How did Nnamdi Kanu escape from Nigeria if he Nnamdi KANU can tell us
how he was able to go out from Nigeria without the help of federal
government I will follow him because the last I check he was
captured by the Nigeria army last year and was in detention till last
week I just finished listening to the live broadcast of Nnamdi Kanu, and I must say it confirms my earlier stance.

I told friends and people close to me that the timing of Nnamdi
Kanu’s return wasn’t a coincidence. Let’s paint a scenario here;
Nnamdi Kanu’s passport was seized immediately after the military python dance in the east, NnamdiKanu disappeared into thin air, no one heard from him.

Fast forward months later, Atiku wins PDP presidential ticket,
picks Peter Obi as his vice. One (1) week later, Nnamdi Kanu resurfaces and makes a live broadcast, calling on South Easterners not to vote in the upcoming general elections.

I’m sure you get what’s at play here? Let me connect the dots here for you. Nnamdi Kanu was arrested during the python dance invasion of
Abia State. (and he wouldn’t have been free until this government
leaves office). Fast forward to Atiku picking a South Easterner as VP, the APC led FG struck a deal with Nnamdi Kanu in return for his freedom and cash rewards, he will lead the charge to disrupt the Peter Obi VP slot election momentum, by ordering his followers not to vote.

By the APC’s calculation, this strategy will cause voter apathy in
the South East Region, and reduce the vote, Peter Obi’s VP slot
would have brought in. That’s the game that’s at play here, and Nnamdi Kanu is leading it. It’s not about Biafra or any referendum.
It’s a hatchet job to win elections, nothing more than that.

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