Nnamdi Kanu : The most memorable day of my life – Charles Ogbu

This very day, last year, will forever remain the most memorable
day of my life, for that was the very first day I came face to face
with a man I feel uniquely privileged to call My Inspiration.
Nnamdi Nwannekaenyi Okwu Kenny Kanu.
The man who proved that indeed, not everyone has a price. The
man who demolished the mischievous narrative that every Igbo
man will compromise at the sight of coins and gold.
Born a Prince and British citizen with full rights and privileges and
having trained as a political economist, you had no compelling
reason to risk your life and that of your family agitating for a fairer
society but you chose to forsake everything to join the Chief Ralph
Uwazurike led MASSOB. And at a point when you felt the struggle
was no longer the way it ought to be, you left to form IPOB and
rather than use your new group to attack and demonize Uwazurike
as most people would have done, you chose to focus on
implementing those policies you felt were missing in MASSOB.
With nothing but a radio station, you achieved what Kenyan writer,
James Ngugi Wa Thiongo described as “De-colonization of the
Mind”. You opened the eyes of not just the Igbos but millions of
people from the non-caliphate rest of Nigeria to the fact that their
country, as presently constituted, remains nothing but a pernicious
British enterprise with the Children Of Danfodio as the caretaker while we, the non-caliphate
rest of the inhabitants are nothing but “The Casualties” as the good
poet JP Clark would put it.
Tragic irony is, it was the same victims of this joke of a country
who shouted “crucify him, crucify him”. Rather than pick our own
struggle and focus on our common oppressor which is the system
and all her enablers, we chose to focus on you. In a country where
some righteous agitators with genuine grievances had hijacked
radio station while others used other forms of organized violence
against the state, we were told that you, an unarmed non-violent
man, asking for a referendum were more of a danger than
anything else. But almost one year after, it is Kofi Awoonoor’s
Songs of Sorrow for us all as we now conduct more mass burials
than wedding ceremonies with a genocide govt presiding over.
It grieves me to inform you that every single thing you predicted
with regards to the unredeemability of the British experiment called
Nigeria has come to pass. I recall vividly how you looked me in the
eye and said, “Charles, Nigeria is unsalvageable. If it weren’t so, I
would be at the forefront of those trying to salvage her”.
Indeed, you have been vindicated. To Nigeria’s shame.
When the oppressors took you away, they thought they’ve defeated
you. If only they knew that Biafra is an ideology being fueled by
the grave institutionalized injustices of the Nigerian state and that
even if it’s just one man left standing, as long as those injustices
remain unaddressed, he will keep crying towards Biafra. Your
enemies won the physical battle of tank and soldiers but they
forgot that as the Kenyan legal god would say, the battle is the
battle of the mind. That is where it is won and lost. And that is
where you’ve secured your own victory.
In our mind, we are fully liberated from mental slavery. And like
seed, even when buried, we germinate.
To the “lifeless” one holding you, I will leave him with a message
from Game Of Throne’s Tyrion Lannister: “When You Tear Out A
Man’s Tongue, You Are Not Proving Him A Liar, You Are Only
Telling The World That You Fear What He Might Say”
Till the moral criminals masquerading as the govt come for my
own tongue, I will let myself be consumed by worm before losing
that tongue in the face of tyranny, injustice and oppression of any
Wherever you are, may the spirits continue to protect and keep you
for us. There is an everlasting box of memory I created in my heart
purposely for you.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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