No amount of regulation can solve Apapa traffic gridlock — Truckers

THE Association Maritime Truck Owners, AMATO, has said that no amount of regulation will solve the current traffic gridlock around Apapa and it’s environs, the group’s President Chief Remi Ogungbemi, has said.

GRIDLOCK—The traffic gridlock at the Mile 2 end of Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos ,yesterday. Photo: Joe Akintola, Photo Editor.

Speaking to  Vanguard Maritime Report  on the sideline of the   press briefing by the Nigeria Customs Services, NCS, Ogungbemi said that it is only an automated   system of truck call up that can bring about   a final solution to the traffic problem.


The group’s President said that the present call system is not working because of human interference.


He said: “No amount of regulation can bring sanity to Apapa even if the necessary infrastructures are in place.


“Automation is the answer to the Apapa gridlock, 25 percent of trucks operating in Lagos have their parks but they do not know when to come to the port.

“Automation will regulate the movement of trucks; the present call up system is not working because of human interference.”


Ogungbemi also said that the gridlock is adversely affecting haulage business, adding that many directives   from various government agencies have not helped the situation in any way.


“We have had orders from the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Ports Authority, Nigerian Shippers’ Council, and other agencies all to no avail.


“The trucks are still there for days and weeks, either waiting to be loaded or to drop empty containers

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