No going back in our journey for freedom

What do the British do when I present my green Passport to them?
They quarantine me immediately. The passport for them is a
symbol of everything bad. Corruption, thievery, fraudster, highly
untrustworthy and recently a terrorist, thanks to Northern Boko
Haram and Fulani herdsmen. Am treated with every inhuman
kindness because I am called a Nigerian. But funny enough, those
who call me all these evil names from the abode of Armageddon
are in love with my rulers. They saw President Buhari that is
corrupt, condoled corruption and dined with corrupt people, a
Buhari that killed, protected killers and yet they branded him the
only incorruptible Nigerian. My governors are given kingly
reception by those that treats me with every disgust. With our
monies they buy properties abroad, and our monies which they
looted they dumped into many European banks. Their banks is
good for Nigeria corrupt monies.
Sani Abacha the conscienceless thief who stole the country dry
never dumped his loots in Nigeria. He kept it in Europe. And I ask
all you Europeans this singular question. Are you all not
hypocrites? With what voice do you still mock me? Never you pity
me. With my blood deep in the Bight Of Biafra, I still feed you. My
ancestors you all kidnapped worked without food and pay to grow
your sugarcane and plantain plantations. Today, their sons after
many distant years still bleed to maintain your government. The
blood of Ken Saro-wiwa and his Ogoni Brothers. The 3million
Biafrans killed in 1967/70 genocidal war your government funded
and supported. The continuous massacre of IPOB members. The
arrest and torture of 140 Igbo women protesting against the
tyranny of Nigeria Federal government ably supported by your
government against Biafrans. Your British government have
polluted our lands and have stood against our freedom, yet you
mock us. You maintain your country with the proceeds you get
from my backyard, yet you dehumanize me and love my leaders.
Probably, you don’t care how they rule once the oil continues to
flow into Britain. You support killings in Nigeria but abhor same in
your own country. You look the other way when the Fulani kill with
reckless abandon. You love it when they come for medical
treatment over ear infections, yet I die over ordinary malaria in
Nigeria. Their continuous coming is a sign that your puppets
masquerading as African leaders are still in colonial chains.
Is this not exactly why I am involve. This is why I stand with the
struggle to liberate the common man. It doesn’t matter how you
see me or what I stood for. It doesn’t matter how slim you view
our chances of victory. Your believe in the indivisibility of Nigeria.
Your occasional mocking of my condemnation of tyranny will not
deter me. If Egwu Eke I, II, and III didn’t stop us, more thousands
of Egwu Eke won’t either. This is a fight to the finish. Nothing will
make us relent. For me it doesn’t matter how long it takes for
freedom to be achieved. We shall not die, but even if we die, we
will bow out bearing in mind that we have raised millions of
revolutionary soldiers that will continue when our boots becomes
too heavy for our legs to carry. Freedom will come and brothers
that set up road blocks for us with their sabotage and betrayals
will regret all that they did. That morning of the restoration of our
identity and sovereignty will bring back the memories of 1967
when our Gallant Hero Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the sovereign
State Of Biafra. That feelings of joy that graced our innermost
heart, knowing that we are now freemen. We shall experience it
Be rest assured brothers, this time it won’t be short-lived. You will
see no vandals nor their international friends ever again. And the
world will have no option than to respect Biafran citizen with Biafra

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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