No one will obey Nigerian law because they are unreasonable, draconian, stupid and of little value-Baron Roy

Most provisions of the Law in Nigeria are so unreasonable,
draconian, stupid and of little value that ordinarily, no one should
obey them. The civil servants know this, the police know this, the politicians know this. And the People do know this.

So we create unnecessary red tapes while happily quoting some
supporting aspect of that ridiculous Constitution, and nothing
works. So the custodians of the policies, realizing the near impossibility of adhering to the laws, create a “market” to help bypass the said laws. Therein lay the opportunity for the ordinary people, to participate in the Festival of Popular Corruption.

When you create draconian laws, and take away the rights of the
people to thrive, the People owe you the Divine Obligation of
circumventing those Laws. And Nigeria would never work.
To make things different, remove INEC from the purview of the
presidency or any government department. We are intelligent
enough to conduct elections and select our own leaders.

Remove your Mobile Police and Army from our towns and cities;
we are in our Fatherland and not thieves.
Allow us to have municipal governments in our towns and cities;
our forefathers governed themselves and did well. They were
neither governed from Abuja nor state capitals; we should not be
slaves in the Land of our Forefathers.

You cannot provide us with electricity, yet you prevent us from
providing for ourselves! Are you not a demon?
Whenever you collect our VAT and General Sales Tax and send
them to Abuja, you should realise that you rob us. Why should you
rub us of our hard-earned money better utilized in our municipalities?.

In truth, you have no right to exploit our resources, then give us a
paltry part of it. We ought to exploit our own resources, and pay
you a Production Tax. It is wicked of you to make it difficult for us to open manufacturing firms in our localities with all your stifling regulations. You’re a devil.

Why on earth should you control our ports from Abuja? Our
forefathers managed those ports far better. You see Sir, all these Laws were created to rape our people and steal our future. Ordinarily, we ought not obey them.

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