No treatment will cure Nigeria

I will throttle down in today’s intellectual parley by quoting a
popular professor in the Department of Political Science, University
of Nigeria, Nsukka who happened to be by project supervisor
during my academic sojourn in the department. Professor Jonah
Onuoha who is an authority in the politics of International relations
stated and I quote;
“Nigeria has engaged the services of both foreign and local
economic experts and international financial organisations to
revamp and sustain the economy to no avail. Despite the
numerous world bank loans and projects, Nigerian economy has
failed to respond to treatment. Instead of cheering at the doctors,
the economy is still relapsing into comatose”.
This erudite scholar called Professor Jonah Onuoha in his book,
did not only capture the true state of things in the geographical
configuration called Nigeria, he also raised an important question
that many have been very scared to ask over years. Though, the
professor’s line of argument was closely anchored around the
condition of the economy with soft emphasis on the political
Notwithstanding, for the sake of this brief discourse, I shall re-
engage another intellectual gear by rephrasing and asking, why
has Nigeria blatantly refused to respond to political treatment in
spite of the much ballyhoo about UNITY and ONENESS?. This is a
question that a large fraction of Nigerians cannot provide a
satisfactory answer to.
When I was growing up as child till this present day of my life, one
of the most common mantra among Nigerians that keeps
rebounding in the air is this defeatist song that ‘Nigeria will be
better tomorrow’. Since 1960 the British colonial forces handed
over the leadership baton to the indigenous surrogates, the
political atmosphere has been a one characterised by terror,
corruption, religious bigotry, clannishness, ethnic jingoism, lack of
trust, mutual respect and careless godfatherism. This jaundiced
view of Nigeria will be better tomorrow has become one of the
annoying and self consoling theme song among millions of
Nigerians who have defeatedly accepted to live under a hopeless
fate created by the political mischievousness of the white man.
There have been conferences, Committees and panels with the
central objective of seeing if Nigeria will rise from the ashes of
backwardness and mediocrity but to no avail. Despite these
persistent and concerted effort to rewrite her political misgivings,
why has Nigeria refused to respond to treatment? The answer
invariably is not farfetched.
Perhaps, any foundation of a structure that is laid on greed,
selfishness and wickedness will not stand the test of time. Nigeria
was created out of these variables and that is the reason why it
has become increasingly cumbersome for her to function as an
entity. A house erected on a sandy foundation will be swept away
when a wild storm comes. From time immemorial, there has never
been a moment the indigenous people who are cohabiting together
in Nigeria agreed to leave as one. Against their will, they were
forcefully conscripted into this relationship and that is the reason
why there is constant wrangling and back stabbing among the
Millions of Nigerians do not understand the simple arithmetic that
before there can be meaningful development or progress in any
human society, there must be unity, agreement and justice. When
there is total disconnection of these developmental indicators,
such society is left to wander and languish both in political and
economic damnation. Nigeria is doomed to fail. No matter how
hard the proponents of ‘one Nigeria’ tries to twist this fact, the
lugardian edifice will continue to Summersault to its demise.
Even in the next 200 years, Nigeria can never and will never
respond to treatment. Nigeria is a dangerous contaminant. It kills
and obliterate anything good. This is the time to call for a round
table talk. The various indigenous actors in Nigeria must be invited
for a talk. We can’t remain living in this pretentious lifestyle.
Nigerians should stop smiling and cheering when from all
indication all is not well. We must renegotiate the terms of this
relationship via a well organised and supervised referendum.
One Nigeria through the barrel of the gun is a shame.


  1. Of course their is . And that treatment is if you will kill all the politicians

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