Nobody interested in helping pastors – Suleman

It is quick to debunk the above statement of the cleric but we
decided not to rush it. Let’s see where this leads.
In a statement on Sunday 22nd July 2018, the man of God who
appears to be speaking from a heavy heart cited some convincing
examples that nobody is actually talking about.
He mentioned the benevolence of redeemed Christian Church God,
to name a few, like he said, and some of his long lasting charitable
works and of course recent ones that no one is talking about. And
he is really taken aback by this.
The question here is does the church/pastors deserve credit
despite what we are hearing these days? Let’s see if he is right
after all.
Before we dive into his Redeem Christians Church of God (RCCG)
Claims, lets check out his claim. At the end of the day, you decide
whether he is right or not.
Apostle Johnson Suleman is the founder of “Omega fire Ministries
Int’l” with headquarter in Auchi Edo state Nigeria. It is confirmed
that to have placed windows in his church on monthly Salaries, not
enough, they are also provided food stuff every Thursday of the
week, so it is easy to confirm yourself. Also, there are unemployed
graduates in his church placed on salaries. These are the ones he
is yet to find a place for in one of his establishments. He recently
paid about #200,000 for hospital bill of a woman who is not even a
member of his church. She gave had given birth but had no money
for hospital bills. He is the founder of what is presumed to be the
most affordable “British standard School” in Nigeria with a fee of
20 thousand Naira ($60) per session with foreign Teachers. Now,
that’s something to pounder upon. The school is situated in Etsako
West Local Government Area in Edo State Nigeria. That’s not
enough; he recently visited the IDP Camp in Adamawa state Yola
donating items of over N3m.
These are to name of few of his charitable works. I think he
deserves some accolades after all.
The redeem Christian church on the other hand has also been a
tremendous help and assistance to the society and have helped
changed lives and makes the society a better place by their various
medical centers to cater for drug addicts and other health
challenges in Lagos, port Harcourt and other parts of the country.
The links are placed here below for you to confirm yourself.
I don’t know about you but I think we have to acknowledge the
effort the church is making to help people and to make the society
and better place. Of course there are extremist just like the Apostle
said but they are just few and the church and pastors should be
encourage to do more for the society.


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