North West endorse Markarfi for PDP primaries

Political leaders and elder statesmen of the North West under the
aegis of the North West Progressives Forum (NWPF) have adopted
Sen. Ahmed Makarfi as the region’s consensus candidate going
into the PDP Presidential Primaries scheduled to hold on Saturday
the 6th of October, 2018.
Giving reasons for the adoption of Sen. Makarfi, spokesman for
the group Mal. Isa Saleh Funtua, argued that the North West has
the highest number of registered voters in Nigeria, and exerts the
most influence on the outcome of presidential elections, so must
play an active role in deciding which way the 2019 contest goes.
Mal. Saleh Funtua said the NWPF dispassionately considered all
the talented NW aspirants hoping to run against Buhari in 2019,
and initially managed to narrow it down to four candidates who
could not only win the Primaries but more importantly defeat
Buhari in the Presidential Election next year.
“We considered Lamido, a fine gentleman with the political
sagacity to defeat any challenger. Unfortunately the man has an
ongoing EFCC case against him, and you know how brutal these
APC people are, so he was a few people’s first choice but we could
not risk it”, Alhaji Saleh Funtua said.
“We then looked at Kwankwaso. No doubt he is the most popular
NW candidate, and perhaps the only one who can actually defeat
APC in the NW, but let us tell ourselves the truth – we did a poll
among our brothers and sisters in the South and his candidacy was
surprisingly the most resisted. We believe people misunderstood
his style of governance when he was governor, and now incorrectly
think he is a fundamentalist. Some Yorubas are also unhappy with
the vocal positions he took in Ile-Ife during an ethnic clash there.
He is a gentleman, but the South has formed a biased opinion
against him and will not support him, that is the truth.
“The third aspirant we considered was Governor Tambuwal. It is
unfortunate that this gentleman has allowed his candidacy be
hijacked by Governor Wike. Yes, he enjoys immunity, but
Tambuwal hasn’t managed to galvanise widespread political
support. Even worse, it appears Wike wants to impose him and the
North West cannot allow Wike from his parlour in Port Harcourt
decide what is best for us, and for Nigeria. That is not democracy!
We think it was very politically naïve of Tambuwal to have allowed
this happen. We are not the APC that has godfathers like Tinubu
who single-handedly decide what happens within the Party.
“So we have settled for Sen. Makarfi as the man whose candidacy
best protects and promotes the interests of the North West and of
Nigeria. He was a governor of Kaduna state; he has been a Federal
Senator, and he showed his political dexterity when he held the
PDP together as its National Caretaker Chairman. Sen. Makarfi is
seen by Northerners and Nigerians as a man of integrity and
perhaps more importantly he is a unifier. Nigeria has never been
this divided before, and just as Sen. Makarfi united Kaduna during
his tenure as Governor, we expect him to unify Nigeria once he
becomes President.”
The NWPF say they are currently communicating their decision to
prominent leaders of the country like Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim
Babangida, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Edwin Clark, Tony Anenih,
Ango Abdullahi, Goodluck Jonathan, Ayo Adebanjo, TY Danjuma,
Bishop Kukah, the Emir of Kano and the Sultan of Sokoto, including
groups such as Afenefere, Ohaneze, PANDEF, and ACF.
“This is not a selfish decision we have reached. We believe the
2019 elections will be a contest for the very soul of Nigeria, and
that we cannot afford personal ambition to get in the way of
rescuing Nigeria. Buhari must go, and even though he is a dark
horse, we 100% believe that Sen. Makarfi is the only candidate
able to galvanise the national support from North to South needed
to remove Buhari in 2019

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