Northern Nigeria and it high rate of drug abuse

The tragedy of today’s northern Nigeria is no longer that of
extremism but of tragic drugs indulgence, the region is at the verge
of collapse because of the wreckage of her youth. Drugs has
decimated and dislocated the fiber of the average family in
northern Nigeria. In almost every home, there is a trace of drugs
delinquency- this is not restricted to the just the macho sex but
even women are intricately more involved in the drug abuse
venture. A region etching towards an Armageddon you may say!
Diseases and poverty having wrecked the region, drug abuse has
taken over , dealing more deadly blows to the region. Roughly, 3 of
every 10 young person in northern Nigeria is on drugs- tragically,
cheap drugs. It used to be the abandoned kids on the streets but
now it has shifted into family setting where the house is now the
abode of drug indulgence. Mothers and girls are even topping on
the list of those who abuse drugs.

What would have caused this midday calamity? Of course, cultural
and religious dogmatism may have played a prominent role. A
society that deprives social freedom suffers this kind of
consequence. The mind was designed to be free, human dictates
pushes the mind to seek alternative liberty, in doing this, the body
takes the dangerous route which is ephemeral escapism. And
drugs indulgence becomes the resort.

Where rules and regulations dictates people’s aspirations in
mechanical ways, depression sets in and to escape from this
depression, people resort to drugs. Poverty, diseases, illiteracy and
punitive dogmatism are lubricating tools of drug abuse.
Lower the human rules, break the stifling traditions and see a new
generation of our people defined in happiness and fulfillment.

When your life is tied to one routine of life, the mind suffers
imprisonment and in revolt, the body caves in to depression.
This is the way out of our drugs tragedy in northern Nigeria, create
the atmosphere of freedom, encourage both men and women to
take to social engagement peculiar to your customs and traditions,
encourage sports engagements, regulating laws for drugs control
be strengthened and give more room for expression. A caged mind
is a bottled up abode of depression.

The northern Facebook warriors should take a pause, log out of the
platform and take a stroll to communities and begin to engage
young people on the devastating effects of drugs indulgence. No
one can change your community but you. This is the time to halt
the tragedy in northern Nigeria.

As parents, mentors and role models. How can we help?
•Be positive models
•Encourage open communication with children and adolescents
•Be non-judgemental
•Be involved in their lives
•Encourage extr-curricular activities
•Set clear rules and enforce them
•Be a parent and a friend all in one.

•Talk about substances early on. If you give them accurate and
non-judgemental information, they are less likely to succumb to
peer influence.
Drug problems are better prevented. Individuals with drug
problems often find themselves in a ‘revolving door’ situation. In
and out of care.

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