Northerners have devastated Nigeria after ruling this country for 41 years-Baron Roy

We had a total of six military coups between 1966 and 1993. Only
the first one was led by a Southerner. The other five coups were
absolute Northern affairs. With the instrument of coup, the North
has ruled Nigeria for 41yrs out of 57yrs, devastating the country in
horrible ways. Yet, when they sing the tired song of corruption,
Southern politicians and officials are accused while those from the
North are squeaky clean! How’s that possible? That those who are
hardly in power are the corrupt ones while those who are always in
power are “saints”? Yet, the treasury gets cleaned-out when they’re
in power. Who do I blame?, the Southerners; most Southerners have renounced the use of reasoning! Someone steals you blind then turns around to accuse you of thievery. Rather than give him a dirty slap, you answer “sorry Sir” and admit to a crime you hardly committed, then you work hard to ensure no Southerner gets into power again under the
guise of “I’m a Nigerian and I want the best for my country” while
your Northern counterpart simply wants the best for the North at
your detriment. I detest the foolishness of my people, it’s a
disgrace. Don’t tell me about toeing the party line; parties are just a vehicle in the North. No one cares about party up there, If the PDP is going North, then I’m done with them, give us a Southern candidate now.

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  1. True talk

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