Northernization of security agencies in Nigeria is a threat to Nigerian unity-Koya

a pan-Yoruba Socio-
cultural group, Yoruba Koya Movement has charged President
Muhammad Buhari to respect the ethno-religion and cultural
diversity of the nation of Nigeria at all time, accusing him of
currently promoting acts of favouritism and nepotism which
according to the group, threatens the peace and existence of the
country if not curtailed.
The group also accused Buhari of pauperising Nigerians and
institutionalizing unemployment, poverty, hunger and starvation in
the country with his mob approach to economic issues, asking why
a country ranked by the united nation as number one destination of
investors in Africa in 2014 is now missing among the first ten
investors destination in the continent.
Yoruba Koya also accused the president of failing to protect and
secure the lives of Nigerians, alleging that under a president with
military background, Military bases are now being overran while
women are being raped at will by terrorists
In a state of the nation statement jointly signed by the group’s
Convener, Otunba Deji Osibogun and National Director of Research,
Organization and Publicity, Mr. Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye
respectively, Yoruba Koya, a group backed by eminent Yoruba
Leaders such as Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, Bishop
Bolanle Gbonigi, Pa. Ayo Adebanjo, Archbishop Ayo Ladgbolu, Pa.
Rueben Fashoranti, Professor Banji Akintoye, amongst others,
asked rhetorically “why are all critical security formations in
Nigeria being headed by Northerners while qualified Southerners
are being pushed out of the system without justification?
Referring to the recent removal of Acting Director General of the
Directorate of State Services, Mr. Mattew Seiyefa, a native of
Bayelsa State barely one month after his appointment to replace
Mr. Lawal Daura, the erstwhile boss of the secret security agency
sacked aftermath the unauthorised invasion of the National
Assembly on August 7th by masked officers of the agency and his
replacement with Mr. Yusuf Magaji Bichi, Yoruba Koya said “from
all indications, President Buhari has spoken through his body
movement that he has no respect to the feelings of ordinary
Nigerians and like his opponents have alleged, he trust only those
from his ethnic nationality.
“All transfers and redeployment done by Seiyefa have been
reversed. Just like the appointment of the controversial Lawal
Daura in 2015, Buhari went out of service to recall Bichi who
retired six months ago after clocking the compulsory retirement
age of 60 and made him the substantive head of DSS.
“We ask that if Seiyefa is found to be incompetent, what happened
to the officers next to him in rank? Our findings revealed that the
next four officers in rank to Seiyefa are all coincidentally from the
Abia, Benue, Plateau and Kwara States respectively prompting the
President to recall his kinsman who retired over six months ago
from retirement to head DSS.
“Hausa Language is now the Franca Lingua at Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) headed by another core
Northerner, Ibrahim Magu. Today, the Chief of Army Staff is from
the core north, ditching out orders as it pleases the President; the
Inspector General of Police, another core northerner now attend
meetings of Buhari’s political think-tank group; the Immigration,
Prison, Civil Defence, Custom Services are now headed by core
Northerners to the detriment of their Southern Counterparts.
“A Yoruba Man, Professor Ayo Oke was forced out of the Nigeria
Intelligence Agency (NIA) with a well orchestrated scandal to pave
way for the appointment of another member of the Kaduna mafia,
Ahmed Abubakar.” The group said.
Buttressing its allegation of nepotism and favouritism against
President Muhammad Buhari further, Yoruba Koya said “On the
day Bichi was appointed to man DSS, Buhari announced the
appointment of his cousin, Mr. Abbas Umar Massanwa as
Managing Director of Nigerian Security Printing and Minting
Company with the sole aim of supervising the printing of ballot
papers to be used for the president’s re-election in 2019.
“Just few days ago, Kemi Adeosun, from Ogun State, caught in the
web of forging her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption
certificate, resigned her appointment as the Minister of Finance,
within one hour, President Buhari appointed another northerner,
Zainab Ahmed as her replacement. Ibe Kachukwu from oil-rich
Delta State was forced out as the Group Managing Director of the
Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, for another
Northerner, Maikanti Baru to take over because NNPC is too
important to Buhari’s inner caucus to left to a Southerner to
“The Police Training College in Ikeja, Lagos is now an eyesore. The
Warri and Portharcourt refineries in Southern Nigeria have been
abandoned by Mr. President for a new digital refinery to be
established in Katsina, Buhari’s state to link oil to Niger Republic
for no reason while the Southern Oil producing States of Ondo, Edo
and Delta are to get Cattle Colonies.
“We are now forced to ask from the President and Commander-in-
chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency, Muhammad Buhari that
what is or are the offence(s) of the people from Southern part of
Nigeria and those from the middle-belt that none of them is trusted
enough to head our critical security agency? To us, Buhari’s action
is a declaration of war against one Nigeria.
“We reject out rightly without any fear of intimidation, attempt by
President Muhammad Buhari to northernize all security formations
and critical sectors in Nigeria without recourse to federal
character” the statement reads.
On the ship heading to Nigeria carrying containers containing
Bombs, Arms and Ammunitions recently seized by the South
African Government, Yoruba Koya urged President Buhari to as
matter urgency, address Nigerians over the matter, warning the
central government against covering up the identity of the owner(s)
of the ship.
“We demand to know the owner of the ship carrying containers
containing Bombs, Arms and Ammunitions seized by the
government of South Africa. We say without any fear or favour that
the silence of Nigerian government is unbecoming of a sovereign
entity that cherish the security of lives and properties of her
Giving the government three days ultimatum to address Nigerians
over the ownership of the ship, Yoruba Koya said “if the Buhari led
administration fail to address Nigerians, we will have no option to
believe the statement credited by the major opposition party, the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the arms, bombs,
ammunitions and other weapons of mass destruction are being
imported into the country by the ruling All Progressive Congress
(APC) to unleash terror on the opposition elements as the nation’s
preparation for 2019 general elections gathers momentum.
On state of Nigeria’s economy, Yoruba Koya lampooned central
government, stressing that instead of Buhari led administration
tightening its belt and address series of mind-blogging critical
issues affecting Nigerians recently raised by the global financial
giant, HSBC, the government is engaging in needless pettiness and
unbridled shenanigans.
“First it was the Economist of London that wrote off Buhari’s
economic policy that has led to about five million people losing
their jobs in three years but the government accused the renowned
British Magazine of being bribed. Also, the Financial Times of
London, without mincing words, described president Buhari as a
disaster; and as usual, the ruling party accused the paper of being
influenced by opposition elements for stating the obvious truth.
“Now, the biggest bank in Europe and perhaps one of the top five
(5) in the world, HSBC took out an opinion on Buhari and his
Government, warning investors that a second term of Buhari would
be a calamity for Nigeria. Instead of the government to address
issues of economic interest raised by the global financial power
house, the government chose to go political and petty.
“We therefore wish to ask that if Financial Times, The Economists
and HSBC were economical with truth, how about the Governments
of the National Republic of United States, Germany and United
kingdom that had given subtle warnings to the world about the
state of Nigeria’s economy? Even the President of United States,
Donald Trump, described President Buhari as an intellectually
lifeless Person.”
On corruption, Yoruba Koya averred that instead of the present
government to consolidate on the anti-corruption stride of the last
administration by waging war against the cankerworm of sleaze
plaguing the country systematically, the Buhari led administration
chose to focus in raw display of power by unleashing the Anti-graft
Agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
against opponents of the ruling party in a bid to turn the country to
one party system against the thesis of democratic tenets.
“Today, what we have is war against opposition instead of war
against corruption. EFCC only go after those against President
Muhammad Buhari while those hitherto accused of swindling the
country by EFCC are pardoned immediately they chose to join the
ruling party. We say with all honesty that this is antithesis of anti-
Highlighting the failure of the governance under Buhari, Yoruba
Koya asked rhetorically thus “what policy has president Buhari
initiated since he got the insignia of power that is today a success?
Everything always started and ended on paper with nothing on
ground to show.
“Aside the Abuja runway rehabilitated by the Buhari led
administration, the only projects commissioned thus far by this
present government were those already commissioned by former
administration and re-commissioned by this government or 90%
completed by the past government and completed for
commissioning by this government.
“Our national carrier is now a failed promise. The promised
minimum wage is now a sloganeering. Crude oil is now expensive
in Nigeria than in countries without oil. Our naira is now ranked as
the worst performing currency in the world. Fuel subsidy is back
without appropriation. People are dying of hunger and poverty with
political bourgeoisies clandestinely getting richer on daily basis.
“All federal roads in Yoruba land are blot on landscape. The Lagos-
Ibadan expressway started by former government is still less than
10% completed. Lagos-Abeokuta is a shadow of itself. Akure to
Ilesa is a death trap. Efon Alayye to Ado-Ekiti is now a kidnapper’s
den. Oyo-Ogbomoso-Ilorin is a no go area. Two years after
Sagamu-Ikorodu road was awarded, contractor has not moved to
site. Where is the change promise Mr. President?
“Aside in Daura, president Buhari’s country home, other part of the
county has been eradicated from the map of developmental
programmes. From helipad, to rail, to digital refinery, Daura, a
village in the remote north is now being prepared as model of what
a state capital should be to the detriment of cities like Lagos,
Portharcourt etc generating Value Added Tax and bumper revenues
into the government cover.
“We thought Buhari, being an ex-general would combat the
dreaded Islamic Fundamental Militant group, Boko Haram and
curtail them but the terrorist group is now more powerful than
before, gaining more strength by the day; booming like wave of
ocean; killing soldiers and over-running military bases; kidnapping
civilians and raping women at will with government looking
helplessly, compromising the media to under-report the siege on
the nation.
“We put it to president Buhari that a government that cannot
guarantee the security of lives and properties of his people has
failed. Mr. President, please go home if you cannot keep Nigerians
as one, create jobs; guarantee our security and make live
affordable to the ordinary people” Yoruba Koya concluded in its
no-holds barred statement.

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