Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur

One of the most
important truths I’ve found out is that everyone has his place, and
your ability to recognize and stay with it is the key to success.
In 1976, An American named Ronald Wayne sold his 10% for $800
in a company called Apple that’s today worth $1trillion. His
reason? The founders were too volatile!
Before Uncle Tayo Aderinokun (the late Co-Fo under of GTBank)
died in 2009, he mentioned how in 2004, Dangote came to him and
a few other household names and shared his vision for Dangote
Cement (At the time, he mentioned Dangote’s entire company
EBITDA was valued at $1bn), he encouraged him and spear headed
capital raising and also advised stream lining the company
operations which led to Dangote selling off the Flour subsidiary to
Tiger Brands SA and Dangote Sugar. (Dangote has bought back
the Flour business from tiger brands SA)
This huge gamble paid off amidst discouragement from some big
names, their reason? the state of the Nigerian Economy.
Masayoshi Son, the Japanese Billionaire who convinced the Crown
Prince of Saudi Arabia (Mohammed Bin Salman) to invest $100bn
in his vision fund in a 1hr meeting, said when Jack Ma of Alibaba
came to him asking for $20m in Year 2000. Ma had no business
plan, but he could see fire in his eyes and was positive Alibaba was
going to succeed. His $20m investment is now worth $120bn.
Even if you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship, you can take a
chance on someone who displays and shows potential to succeed,
or you can decide to become a founding partner or staff of the
person should the capital be absent. (Of course involve your
lawyer to draft out the necessary paperwork).
John Maxwell once said, “Leaders don’t go to where the ball is,
they go to where the ball is going.”
20 years ago some of the people whose name alone give you
goose bumps today were nowhere and nobodies. Life rewards your
ability to see the future and key in early.

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