As an undergraduate, i have never anticipated to go for the NYSC
Scheme because of it’s deceit and slavery. However, it is a
necessary evil for all Nigerian graduates within the age bracket
and a discharge for those outside it. They said, it is aimed at
forstering National unity. Sometimes, i get surprise when i see
people so excited about going for the NYSC Scheme, they take
pictures and even celebrate it like it is an achievement or
something worth celebrating. To others it is a thing of pride and
joy. With that excitement they go shopping in preparation for
camp, not knowing that they have been sold to a one year slavery
and servitude by their own country. The NYSC Scheme is a modern
day slavery, prepared for fresh Nigerian graduates. At the camp
they are made to go through all sort of drills and labour all in the
name of discipline and training. They are kept under the sun or in
the rain for no just cause, while their slave masters (the soldiers)
force them to go through these drills. They are served with
malnourished meals like peasants and prisoners. With poor health
care facilities and drugs these graduates suffer for 3 weeks, while
they are presented with a slave trade uniform (khaki) for proper
identification. After the 3 weeks of preparation, they are hired to
other masters for onward servitude while they are supervised by
their slave masters (The NYSC Officials). Young graduates are
sent to remote villages and environment faced with different harsh
conditions and hazards. They are left without plans for
accomodation, feeding, and other logistics as the government
assume that the #19800 paid in camp would take care of most of
these needs. How much problems can #19800 solve in modern
day Nigeria? Most corper are sent to organisations and firms who
don’t care about what is written on their posting letter, they are
only interested in the corper starting work almost immediately.
They give blind eyes to the aspect of provision of accomodation or
money in lieu, transportation etc. Supervisors of the NYSC are not
concerned whether these organisations are keeping to the terms
on the posting letter or not, if they are living upto expectation and
whether the right working environment is created or not? Sexual
harasment and abuse of corp members is the order of the day in
these organisations. Corp members are made to over work
themselves, as they sometimes work on saturdays and public
holidays. Some Corpers die trying to survive the harshness of this
servitude, with their efforts unappreciated by our ungrateful
nation. The society on their own part try to exploit Corpers in
every given opportunity as corp members are not regarded by the
same society they serve. The NYSC Scheme is only a modernized
slave trade which is disguise as a means of national unity. The
government pays #19800 to corp members while they pay ex-
militants over #50000 per month. This is pure slavery and nothing
more pretentious. Heads of organisation treat these corp members
with disrespect like they are doing them a favour. Most
organisations either don’t pay or pay peanuts to these corpers the
required allowances but try to work life out of them. We live in a
country where nobody cares and corp members are exchanged for
groundnuts. What is the essence of serving a contry that does not
appreciate your efforts? Where your well being is not taken into
consideration and your death makes no difference. It is either you
scrap the NYSC Scheme or you do a total overhaulling of the
system as this present system is not working. At the end of your
service year, you are presented with a certificate showing that you
have completed your slavery scheme. I keep on asking, how has
this “ponzi” scheme forster national unity, when their is tribalism
amongst it’s officials? The only good thing it has done is to force
people to travel and live in states which on their own they would
never go or live. For me, i am done serving Nigeria, i want to serve
Africa. Only Nigerians Can Make Nigeria Better.

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