Offa robbery: those that lost their lives – Etim Etim

In Offa, a little girl selling plantain was shot and she died clutching
tightly to the plantain not knowing she was hit and was dying.
They killed a pregnant woman. They killed bread winners. The
Nigerian police have caught the culprits meaning they have
technically solved the case. The police deserve a lot of appause
and commendation.
Past bank robberies in Offa were not solved. The one before this
happened 5years ago. This one is the fourth or fifth bank robbery
according to residents. The audio were one of the 5gang leaders
was interviewed by the press and he admitted to the crime is in
circulation. He gave a brief graphic detail of how they executed the
This is not a case of the police rounding up random people and
forcing them to admit to a crime they didn’t commit. I believe the
police have hard evidence against them which might include their
call and sms logs obtained by the police from their telecom service
providers. For them to confess openly and freely, they must have
been confronted by those hard facts. Well done the Nigerian

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