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The pan Igbo body Ohaneze have seemed indifferent to IPOB’s agitation for Biafra.
While Arewa Consultative Forum never openly condemned Boko Haram for all the killings they have carried out,rather they threatened the then President GEJ that attack on Boko Haram is attack on the North,Ohaneze Ndigbo has never deemed it fit to even diplomatically say the same about IPOB.
While the Arewa consultative Forum never condemned the brutal,callous and incessant Fulani herdsmen killings all over the country, can such be said about Ohaneze on IPOB?
Even when the Governors of the North like El rufai has openly bragged about the killing and bloodsucking prowess of the Fulani herdsmen, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state testified that IPOB members were not killed at Nkpor, notwithstanding the evidence released by Amnesty International.
Even when it’s obvious that Governors and senators of the Northeast are sponsoring Boko haram and having them as their bargaining chip to power,Ohaneze have been sleeping.
The heartbreaking thing was that Governors of the Southeast succumbed to Buhari’s pressure and proscribed IPOB before anything more could be said.
Even when the global index for terrorism named the Fulani herdsmen 4th deadliest terrorist sect in the world,Nigeria government under Buhari proscribed IPOB and absolved Fulani herdsmen. Yet our Umbrella body and our Governors kept mute and acted as if nothing happened.
In the wake of The Christmas killings perpetrated by the herdsmen in Benue,and the wide condemnation that trailed it,the minister of information and the “LIAR IN CHIEF OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC” Liar Mohammed while trying to defend the herdsmen, said they should not be likened to IPOB members who are terrorists. He Said nobody should confuse herdsmen acts of violence in the country with terrorist acts.
Not even Ohaneze or Southeast Governors saw that proclamation as disturbing.
Remember IPOB have never wielded weapon nor killed anyone ,but Fulani herdsmen wields automatic rifles and had always been going on killing spree.
Not even Ohaneze has tried to absolve IPOB.
The Nimbo killings in Enugu nko?
The best Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu state could do was to cry and Ohaneze did nothing.
Even when it was evident that a cow is worth more than 10 lives of our people as the president will gladly send battalions of soldiers to go and rescue cows from cattle rustlers,while he sends others to aid the herdsmen in their killings and prevent the victims from reprisals, yet he sends the military on Python dance to eliminate our people.
It was the activities and the agitation of IPOB, that made the whole country gave into restructuring.
It was Nnamdi Kanu that forced Restructuring to be on the lips of every Nigerian.
Now that nobody has heard about him for some time,the call for restructuring is gradually fizzling out.
The problem we have in our part of the world is that there are way too many political merchants whose interest solely lies in their pockets and not about the general wellbeing of the Igbos as a people.
If Arewa consultative Forum could not condemn Boko Haram, but rather make it their bargaining chip for power,if they could not condemn the activities of the herdsmen even when it’s the 4th deadliest terrorist group in the world.
If Afenifere could not disown OPC, or Niger Delta elders disown the militants, Why must Ohaneze and Southeast governors proscribe IPOB?
They would have diplomatically used IPOB as our own bargaining chip for restructuring which could have led to secession.
Now that Nnamdi Kanu is nowhere to be found and the activities of IPOB limited, I’m keenly watching to see how they will achieve their call for restructuring.
Since they tremble at the sneeze of the tyrant in Aso Rock, let’s see how they will pull this off.
Though the John Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze seems to have waken up from slumber and are now faced with reality, they should have done more

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