One little secret about ladies you must know

Women are so emotional, it is truism Whenever you ask her what’s wrong and she says “nothing”, it
means she wants you to keep asking, it means she wants you to
press a little more. NOT pressing on by asking her questions upon
questions and breathing down her neck trying to persuade her to
open up and tell you what is wrong, naaa, she wants you to shake
her container a little, because that’s the only way you can get a
woman to pour out the juice.
You see, women know that men are problem solving minded. The
way we are wired baffles me sometimes. She knows by the time
she opens up and tells you straight away what the problem is, you
will be more focused on solving the problem than tending to how
she feels about that particular problem and many other NEEDS.
We be like; “babe Is that it? Okay do this, do that, try this, try
that….. smile, you’ll be alright.”
End of discussion.
This is a man for you, we don’t have that much time and patience
to pamper a woman, we just want to fix the problem, smile, and
move on to a football game or our phones. And this is what we
don’t understand about women, she doesn’t want you to fix the
problem straight away. As a matter of fact, most times when she’s
making you work hard to know what her probelm is she doesn’t
have a problem, aunty just wants you to pamper her, that’s all. She
wants some attention, but because you are more focused on
finding what the problem is and solving it, you cannot see that in
reverse the probelm is that you are looking for her problem.
Learn to shake her container uncle. Most times she wants your
attention more than she wants your solution.
I know it gets frustrating when you are asking and she’s making it
hard for you to keep shaking, that’s because you are shaking her
with both hands. Quickly it gets to that point where you are like,
“Okay, if you don’t want to tell me leave it.”
Naaa, never say that to a woman… She honestly wants to tell you
what the probelm is, but she wants to tell you about other
seemingly little problems first before letting the main one out;
Like how you haven’t bought her a gift in 9 month. She has a
challenge with her boss at the office but first she wants to ask
why you haven’t said anything about her new nail polish, and her
new hair. It’s almost fading off and yet no single compliment.
That’s what she wants to talk about first, before telling you how
she’s considering quiting her job.
Learn to shake her container. When she’s playing hard start
touching other little areas of her life. Talk about the nice things,
don’t pressure her to tell, tease her first, about her hair, about the
last dress she wore, about the last photo she sent. Give her the
opportunity to say “leave me jor, my hair that you did not tell me
it’s fine.


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  2. Man don’t have money to spend on their needs that are boring

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