Onions, and it full health benefits

Below are the wonderful the benefits of onions
Lower Blood Sugar Levels: One study has proven that onion
extract can help lower blood sugar levels. The study was
conducted on diabetic rats, and the results were encouraging. One
of the sulfur compounds in onions (S-methylcysteine) and
quercetin can have beneficial effects on blood sugar. However, it
was found that onions exhibited the positive effect only when taken
along with metformin, the antidiabetic drug. In yet another study,
polyphenols (especially the ones in onions) were found to play a
role in glycemic control.
Promote Healthy Digestion. The digestive benefits of onions can
be attributed to inulin, a fiber present in the vegetable. Inulin acts
as a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
Consuming this fiber helps your body maintain good levels of the
healthy bacteria. However, the thiosulfinates in onions can cause
harm to these beneficial bacteria (as they have antibacterial
properties). Hence, if you are sensitive to the antibacterial
properties of onions, do consult your doctor.
Improve Immune System. Onions contain selenium that
stimulates immune function. The mineral also prevents excessive
immune response, which can have adverse effects. Immune cells
deficient in selenium develop and reproduce inefficiently, and
here’s where onions come into the picture. Such cells also have
difficulty in producing the important proteins and transporting
calcium. Onions are also considered herbal medicine in Russia,
where they are used to treat cold and flu.

Cure Ear Disorders. As per one report, though research is
limited, most parents swear by onions to cure ear ailments. They
insist that onion juice can work great to relieve earache. One way
to do this is to heat up the onion, extract some of the juice, and
pour a few drops into the infected ear. And this remedy, believe us,
goes back to the 19th century.
All you need to do is place the onion in an oven at 450o F. Let it be
for 15 minutes or until it becomes soft. Take out the onion – once
it’s cool, cut it in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl. You
can strain the juice once, and using a medicinal dropper, pour a
few drops of the juice into your infected ear. An alternative is to
place onion packs on the infected ear. Though the remedy is not
scientifically proven, some people believe they might work.
Enhance Eye Health. The sulfur in onions improves the health of
the lens of the eye. It stimulates the production of a protein named
glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant. Higher levels of
glutathione mean a reduced risk of glaucoma, macular
degeneration, and cataracts. The selenium in onions supports the
vitamin E in the eye (which protects the cells in the eye). As per an
Iranian study, onions can inhibit the growth of normal eye flora.
This highlights the possibility of onions being a potential cure for
common eye infections like conjunctivitis and blepharitis. In the
study, onion juice was used as eye drops – which resulted in the
benefits. You can try that too, but we recommend you consult your
health care provider first.


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