“Only A Cheating Wife Is Scared Of DNA Test” – Actress Peggy Ovire Speaks On Paternity Saga

“Only A Cheating Wife Is Scared Of DNA Test” – Actress Peggy Ovire Speaks On Paternity Saga

Peggy Ovire Enoho addressed commonly as Peggy is a Nigerian model, movie producer and actress, in a recent interview has talked about the DNA trend and her kind of man.

In an encounter with Inside Nollywood, the actress declared that she would never date or marry a man that parties too much.

“I’ll never date or marry a lazy man who loves to party and spends more time outside than his home. A man who’s not into me and who thinks a woman is a slave. A thrift spender who has no moral values is a turn off for me.”

She stated that she would rather settle for an average hardworking man with prospects and argued: “Anybody could be rich at anytime, look for a man with prospects, a man with vision. Most of the rich men you see today I’m sure married their wives when they were still struggling. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t from this generation. Only few still have values and see life differently.”

Lending her voice to the trending DNA test saga, Peggy says she sees nothing wrong with verifying the paternity status of the kids in a marriage.

However she added: “The topic of DNA test is a very sensitive issue. But my take is, why start a family with someone you can’t or don’t trust? If and when I get married my hubby asks for a DNA test, I would want to know why he feels our kids are not his before going ahead to get it done. Besides, only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test. However, the man should have it in mind that trust, once broken cannot be amended..

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