Lemme borrow Nkechi’s sense of humour for a second here.
Keziah had been in a relationship with Chudi for 8 months when
she proposed. He was so excited he said yes.
She was happy.
Her friends? Not so much.
“How could you agree to that?” Amaka asked
“How sure are you everything is even functional down south” Lola
“What if he is impotent?” Aisha queried.
“God knows I cannot do that. I have to test drive anything before I
buy.” Sandra said as a matter-of-factly.
“You girls stop! I think he is a virgin and is bent on remaining so
until our wedding night, so cut him some slack” Keziah said trying
to defend her groom to be from her hyena-like friends ready to
peel off his skin.
“So you are happy to wait without sex this long just for this guy?”
Lola asked
Keziah herself had never been sexually inactive for so long but for
Chudi, she could do anything.
“I mean, of course I will wait for him. He is an answer to my
prayer. Imagine after all my body count, the abortions, the STDs
and STIs, the one night stands among other youthful exuberance
acts; I still land myself a cute guy, who loves God and upon that,
he is a virgin? How lucky can a girl ever get?” Keziah could not
hide the excitement in her voice
So, imagine her disappointment when on their wedding night she
discovered Chudi wasn’t really a virgin, he had been around
different blocks a couple of times himself.
“How do you get off making me believe you were a virgin, I waited
for you, I loved you, I adored you and now this?”
It was 3am on their wedding night but she couldn’t hide her anger
and disbelieve.
Chudi begged.
“No, I didn’t sign up for this, I really didn’t. You played me for a
Teary Chudi begged.
“As soon as the sun rises, I am bundling you up and sending you
back to your father. He did a shitty job raising you. Imagine!”
Chudi knelt and begged.
“This is the end of the marriage, It won’t work, a marriage built on
lies and deceit and upon that, getting a loose man?”
“How can I even trust you when you have slept with so many
women before me? What is your body count sef?”
“11” Chudi replied
“What? Were you planning on starting your own football club? I
can’t believe this”
She thundered as she stormed out of the room and went
downstairs to the bar for a beer and flirted with some random
Back in the room, Chudi still crying rang his dad to tell him. Dad
rang Keziah who was having a good time in the bar, she couldn’t
be bothered to pick up.
As early as 6am, she bundled him back to his family home and left
him for his parents, whose faces were buried in shame.
The whole neighbourhood was talking about Chudi, a loose man.
Such disgrace to Manhood!


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