Osun:PDP asked for reconstitution of Osun state governorship election petition tribunal

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) demands the immediate
reconstitution of the Osun state governorship election petition
tribunal, as further delay will jeopardize the course of justice in the
The party frowns at the disbanding of the panel by the President of
the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachwa, a development
which, if not quickly addressed sends a very bad signal on the
integrity of the judiciary.
PDP’s submission is predicated on reports that the All
Progressives Congress (APC) has been mounting pressure on the
judiciary to deny the PDP justice in the determination of the Osun
Governorship election dispute at the tribunal.
We therefore invite Nigerians to note that in our lawful effort to
reclaim our stolen mandate, PDP duly filed its petition on Tuesday
October 15, 2018 in accordance with section 285 (6) of the 1999
Constitution (as amended) which prescribed that judgment must
be delivered on or before 180 days.
While the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was
served, the APC and its candidate evaded service. Consequently,
the PDP on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 applied for substituted
service, which was slated for hearing today, Thursday, October 18,
2018, only to be informed that the panel has been disbanded on
Wednesday without any reason and without providing a new panel
to hear our matter.
The President of the Court of Appeal should note that her
disbanding of the panel without setting up a new one, goes to a
deliberate attempt to prevent the PDP from serving the APC and its
candidate and to meet the constitutional 180 days timeframe for
the determination of the case at the Tribunal.
Election petition matters are sui generis, with specific timeframe
allotted to various stages up to the final determination. The failure
to set up a new panel to timeously hear our application for
substituted service on APC and its candidate smacks of a
shenanigan to deny our party full justice in the matter.
Moreover, the PDP is aware that the original panel was disbanded
after the APC and its candidate had failed to manipulate and
compromise the members to frustrate our case.
The PDP therefore urges the President of the Court of Appeal not
to bend to the proclivities of the APC and its candidate to bring the
vouched reputation of the judiciary into a shameful disrepute, in
their desperation to hold onto a stolen mandate.
It is also imperative to state that the 2018 Osun Governorship
election has become the interest of not only Nigerians but also the
global community. As such, every institution that has a role in
ensuring fairness and justice, particularly, the judiciary, must rise
to its responsibility and not succumb to unlawful and anti-people

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