Other things ladies value in relationship apart from money

It is a common saying and belief that ladies love money. But we hold strongly and from person-to-person interactions that a larger percentage of ladies do not prioritize money. I can testify to this, I have ladies that don’t prioritize money. But sad enough, this jaundiced belief has handicapped a lot of guys from walking up to the ladies of their dream owing to the assumption that all what ladies love and care about is money. Well, unfortunately, the lady of your dream ends up with the rich guy who may or may not love her as much as you do since you, ‘Mr Right’, have refused to make a move. It is expected that ladies look classy, exquisite and even expensive but it shouldn’t scare you, bro! She has been like that before you met her, so, what makes you think popping the question will automatically make you her ATM? A real woman of worth wouldn’t do that. They will however not concern themselves with why a guy could be ‘temporarily unable to dispense cash’ but before you lose the next sophisticated lady who causes your heart to cease.

Find below, eleven things ladies see and forget that you are even broke:

1. Vision and goal orientation

Oh yes! A young man who has vision. Ladies don’t want the old men with the dreams. Little wonder why the Bible says the old men shall dream dreams and the young men shall see visions (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17). They want guys, young and visionary! Who wants the visionless guy who is rich on inheritance?.

2. Commitment
Hey! No games. She wants a man who can stand anywhere, anytime and anyplace to say ‘She is mine and I love her!’ She wants a man that will be committed to her, just only her.

Isn’t this a woman’s weakest point? Shower her with care, and you just successfully let loose a tide of affection! Who says you have to be rich to be caring? Expensive gifts are the least ways to show how much you care. Have you tried something so minute as lacing her shoes in public? Holding her hand while crossing the road?. Helping her with her bag when she has a lot in her hand or tired to carry anything? How about allowing her cry on your shoulders when she feels down? Oh my! A lady just swooned.

4. Assurance
Money or car is not just the answer. When she asks you for an assurance, she wants to know if you will be there for her no matter what. You know why? When it comes to matters of the heart, the heart of the matter is that she wants to feel LOVED AND FINE, not emotionally stressed or tortured.

5. Being straightforward
The moment she sees a reason to doubt your honesty, be rest assured that she isn’t going to be yours. Serious ladies don’t like hypocrisy. What you wouldn’t do in a relationship, please don’t do it when trying to get her.

6. Ability to make her laugh
When a lady tells you she wants a serious relationship, she doesn’t
mean one in which all you discuss are business and philosophies. Hey! It’s a relationship, not a seminar. You’ve got to be able to make your woman laugh, bro. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a Mr Bean or Sanyeri to do this. A pleasant chemistry between the both of you (particularly if you start off as friends) will make the most insignificant of your actions and talks sound hilarious to her. Laughter opens every lady up.

7. Ability to make her blush
Women are moved by what they hear. Yes, that’s the truth. It’s a very big weapon to break a woman. They want to hear sweet, lovely, cool and romantic things. The want to hear something that will relax their mind and heart. They want to hear something that will make them feel young and loved no matter their age, height, size or physique. Once you can do that, oh my oh my, she’s yours already for life.

8. Your closeness to God
A real woman, I mean a real woman of worth is concerned about how close you are to God, your relationship with God, are you God fearing enough to handle a woman. You don’t have to be a pastor, an evangelist or a ‘spirikoko’, all she wants is a lover of God, someone with the fear of God in him.

9. The way you treat/respect people
Are you proud, arrogant or pompous? This is one of the things women check in a man. How do you relate with people. How do you react to things. Do you respect people around you and people below you. A real woman will use that to judge how you are likely to treat her when you eventually get her. Once you are humble, my brother, you are a step closer.

10. Being responsible
A real woman will look at the way you dress, the way you talk, how you approach matters, your lifestyle. Do you still behave like a kid or a matured man. Do you behave like a tout or like a sane man. She wants to be sure you are a real man and not some irresponsible kids.

11. True love and understanding
She wants you to love her indeed and love her flaws too. Love her excessive makeup. Love her light makeup. Love her no makeup. Love her teddy bear. You wouldn’t know what matters to ladies, you know. You’ve got to be the confidence that she needs. Yes! Love is an action; not just a state of mind. Plus, great love prospers with understanding. Do you understand? Leaving aside for the moment the problem of what exactly a woman wants, I make bold to state that if you provide or show your (potential) woman any or all of these, she will most likely be yours forever.

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