Our joy depends on everything

The most powerful and effective practice – when a man turns away
from the senseless bustle of the outside world, stops stirring,
complaining, whining, and finally turns to himself. The
consciousness of such a man is like a a. It rolled itself and begins
to observe and study itself. It is done with the sole purpose of
sinking into its own depth and comprehending its own secret.
If a man completely wipes himself out, the power comes. There is
a force that promotes practice. There’s a power that’s been given
to her. The source of both is one.
Comes before that awareness is no longer performing rituals and
prayers. He doesn’t whisper mantras or blinked from one guru to
another. He no longer reads popular spiritual literature, nor does
he commit to the holy places. Now his temple and workshop are
himself. The instrument and the subject of such a jogina is his
own consciousness.
What’s he doing? He just knows what’s going on. And responds to
emerging situations adequately without losing the awareness. He
goes on the same way.
As a result of this practice, the ego is beginning to take its
positions quickly. First it weakens its grip. At the same time, a
man feels relieved, like he’s getting rid of a heavy cargo that’s
been dragged out for a long time and why. Then, if the practice
continues successfully and we do not allow the old “I” to invent
new, more sophisticated forms of disguise, it continues to melt,
thaw, until it disappears permanently and forever. And with him an
old life.
Where we used to live our little, concerned and forever all ego,
there is something new. At First, it’s something strange, huge,
fresh, amorphous and open. It’s a new space where we come in
amazement, trying to make it look like a tooth and a tooth. It’s a
brand-new world, emerging in the place of the old one. It’s kind of
the same thing, but it’s completely different. The world becomes
light, volatile and mobile like mercury. The Gravity of existence
remains in the distant past.
The essence and content of this new world is subtle, enriching it in
all directions, bliss. That joy doesn’t depend on anything. No
external circumstances, no thoughts or inner state can outshine
this rising sun.


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