Passengers complain of increase in transport fares

It is now December period and activities are increasing. People are going around trying to buy new Christmas cloths or new kits. City people are seen returning to village, and churches are now doing their harvest and bazaar, ceremonies are all over the whole place , weddings, birthdays, burials and funerals all this activities is just for the preparation for Christmas.

However this should not be forgotten : this is the period where by marketers look forward to too as they hope to make more gain from their sales. These they will archieve from increasuin the price of their goods and services.

One major place where this situation is very peculiar is the transport industry. This period commercial bus drivers and assistants increase the amount of a particular fare for example if you take a bus for 2 km road and the price is 20 naira it will increase to 50 naira. This increase is simply because a lot of people will be moving to the area hometowns and this drivers are looking forward to making more gains .

The passengers plying roads that go from Abuja to enugu  are now paying 13,000 naira as their transport fare and worse still it will increase if you have luggage or if you have a large family. What does this mean , do bus drivers don’t want people to go their villages again because the reason is not fuel because fuel is cheap. The reason simply is because they want more gain but we should not because of this try to be inconsiderate n charging people. Now imagine if your car , keke or bus breaks down  the mechanic will charge you for that.

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  1. Sorry this problems

  2. That’s normal thing now during the festival period

  3. Na Nigeria we dey

  4. to be candid, this shouldn’t be at all

  5. This is not good

  6. Okay

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