Prestigious pastor and organizer of Living Waters Unlimited Church in Lagos, Rev. Ladi Thompson, has discharged some stunning disclosures about occasions that may occur in the nation in the vicinity of 2018 and 2019.
The priest uncovered that the country is moving toward the midnight hour of history where things would break apart and the middle could never again hold.
He revealed to Sun that in the coming year, the congregation of God would be transformed into diversion focus similarly as viciousness, would heighten in a few quarters.
As per him, “what everyone is shouting out for is possibly we go to an emergency, when I say an emergency , I extremely mean emergency, there will be heightening of savagery more than ever, the cheapening of human worth will resemble the times of human penances. Blood will spill.
“Unarmed truth and unrestricted love will discover a path for us in 2018. Profound quality, regard and love can’t be administered and this is the foundational blemish of the advanced African culture.
“The Law can punish a fear based oppressor for slaughtering the honest in the quest for his confused goals, however no measure of control can influence him to love to and regard his kindred man. Societal guidelines and instruction can work to stop a killer from killing you, yet can’t expel the murder from the killer’s heart.
“2018 will bring us into the midnight hour and that is the place the light will sparkle. … Nigeria is as of now a couple of ventures into midnight. Midnight hour is when there is an ethical dimness and the light of honesty has diminished.
“A period for the survival of the fittest, a period for the eleventh instruction; thou should not be gotten. A period you can steal yet should not take. Midnight is the point at which the type of purity duplicates, however it’s a void shell without redemptive power. Politically, socially and monetarily Nigeria is in the midnight hour where Life for the resident is decreased to an every day battle for stomach foundation!
“All hues are grayed and appear to be identical. Midnight is the point at which it is anything but difficult to bumble and fall. Models can be bargained at midnight and nobody is the more regrettable for it since not very many will take note. Midnight is the point at which the minister concentrates on lecturing about your own leap forward, individual flourishing, individual prosperity and individual triumph while ignoring more prominent’s benefit.
“In 2018, Nigeria will find that Church isn’t a diversion focus! It is intended to mend the crushed, give cure to disappointed possibilities, and restore dead dreams. Church in 2018 won’t allow men to leave in give up. Unarmed truth and unlimited love will be the distinct advantage in 2018.”


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