Paying bride price before marriage is evil, women are not for sale

Men pay money to marry women, all in the name of bride price.
Now, many women are saying NO TO BRIDE PRICE, and some of
you are objecting.
They are saying have for free that which you pay for.
The ONLY reason anyone would object to having for free what they
pay for is if they’ve got a motive, or a benefit they get by paying
for that thing, which they won’t get if they get it for free.
I have been saying this for years, both on and off social media.
Bride Price is a senseless tradition aimed at commodifying
The idea that one person has to pay to acquire another all in the
name of getting married is silly and bizarre.
Any right thinking person who is against slave trade should kick
against all forms of human purchase, even those that disguise
under tradition and culture.
And you people need to stop deceiving yourselves with the tale that
it is “symbolic”. If it were symbolic as you claim, why do they
refund when divorce happens?
You refund bride price the way a goat seller would refund money to
a buyer if the buyer returns the goat for some reasons. This is
what you people have turned women into. ITEMS! And you justify
this shitty practice by chanting “traditions”.
It doesn’t matter how much was paid; whether 1kobo or a million
Naira, any and culture that states any amount of money, items in
the form of “The List” which one party is obligated to pay in order
to acquire another is a shitty culture.
If they pay all these to appreciate the parents of the woman, what
do they also pay to appreciate the parents of the man? Both the
man and the woman were trained. So, if we want to appreciate, the
appreciation should be both sided, and NON-Obligatory.
No human will pay a price on me. I’m too expensive for anyone to
If you pay a bride price on me to anyone and I find out, I will NOT
go ahead with the marriage. If it has already been done, I will
divorce you. Then you can get your refund and go and buy a got or
a puppy for yourself, since you want to purchase an animal.

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