PDP Caution Security Officials in Osun Governorship Election

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says any policeman or
security officer that allows the ruling All Progressives Congress
(APC) to pitch him or her against the people in the September 22,
2018 Osun Governorship election would have him or herself to
The party said its position is predicated on reports that the APC-led
Federal Government as well as the State of Osun are paying
policemen between N50,000 to N250,000, as inducement, to assist
the APC in its plot to suppress a free, fair and credible
governorship election in Osun, as they did in the July 14, 2018
governorship election in Ekiti state.
Nigerians, particularly, the people of Osun state, can easily see
through the attempt to use the subterfuge of a huge election duty
allowance to entangle our security officers and use them against
the people.
The Osun people are already in the know of how the policemen are
being instructed to aid the APC in its bid to manipulate the
electoral process and to be harsh to PDP supporters and voters in
PDP strongholds across the state.
While the PDP has nothing against any effort to effectively
mobilize our security officials for the election, our party totally
rejects the plot by the APC to use the payment as inducement to
manipulate the election.
It is instructive to let the APC and the compromised security and
INEC officials to know that the Osun people are already at alert;
they are very anxious about this election and are fully rallied to use
all legitimate means allowed in the defence of their mandate
against violent assaults.
The Osun people are ready to vote and to protect their votes to the
very end irrespective of the machinations of the APC.
The PDP therefore cautions the police officials to be on the side of
the people, fairness and credible process and to learn from past
experiences, where security officials who allowed themselves to be
pitched against the people in elections, faced very dire
Osun is a stronghold of the PDP and our candidate, Ademola
Adeleke, remains the most popular candidate in this election. The
PDP will therefore not accept anything short of a free, fair and
credible election where the people are allowed to chose their
leader, unhindered and where all votes count.

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