PDP will produce the next president of Nigeria-Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has predicted that whoever
emerges as the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
would eventually become the next president of the country.
In his remarks at the ongoing National Convention of the PDP in
Port Harcourt, Jonathan said having worked with all the 12
aspirants, he believed they were all eminently qualified to be
president of the country.
His words: “I have worked with all the aspirants at one time or the
other. They are all eminently qualified to be president of this
country. I am also certain that among them is the next president of
this Federal Republic.”
He however said the overriding criteria should be the ability to
unite the country because of the sorry state of the nation.
The former president expressed satisfaction that the glorious days
of the party was reborn.
“One thing that makes me happy is that today I can see the good
old days of PDP. Today, we have the Senate President, the
Speaker of the House of Representatives and many more
governors. This shows that the PDP is coming back.
“I am also happy with the commitment of all the aspirants to
support whoever emerges candidate and work with him. This is
healthy for our party and for our country.

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