Personal decisions contribute to a free life

Whenever people talk about living free, the lines always favour the
wild and adventurous.
And that is fine.
But here’s something for the conservatives who are watching from
the shadows, feeling like there’s no place for them.
Don’t smoke, if you don’t want to. Don’t drink, just because your
peers make it seem like a coming of age ritual. It is not.
Insist on your malts or fruit wines. Learn to take their jeers in
stride. If you can’t, leave them at the table. Walk away with a
If love making is hallowed to you, treat it as such. Wait, if you want to.
Please, wait. For love, for commitment, for whatever makes it
worth your while.
Your ultimate bucket list doesn’t have to include leaping across the
Grand Canyon and a weekend of one night stands thereafter.
Decoding cat language and gaining mastery of two dozen musical
instruments can be the most ambitious ventures you ever
Life’s not a contest. There’s no prize for Adventurer of the
Century. There’s no recognition for Most Foolish Decisions Taken.
It’s okay to be a parakeet in the midst of parrots but never forget,
you have a voice still. Talk about your ideologies, if you want to.
It’s okay to believe in something unpopular. God. Higher powers.
Morality. Humanity. Love.
It’s okay to be the odd one out, a mystery.
You can be a shy, make-up loving, classical music enthusiast. You
can be the extrovert who leaves the party at 8 because he has to
get back to his Ted Dekker.
Many won’t believe the contradiction you are but who says they
have to? Who says you have to tick all their boxes?
DO NOT, in your bid to make them understand, wake up hating
yourself. DO NOT let them break you – not love, not family, not
Hold on to your convictions. Hold on tight.
No, dear. It isn’t hard to. Remove yourself from situations that
bother you and people who shame you for your choices.
It isn’t cowardice, but strength. And with time, it gets easier.
If you feel unbearably pressured, talk to like-minded individuals.
They are here.
If you think your life is a shell you’re yet to break out of, take your
You know what’s cool?
Having a steely resolve in this age. Truly living on your terms;
dancing to whatever music stirs your spirit and not to society’s
Living ‘safe’ does not guarantee you immortality but whether your
life ends at 25 or 125, be sure you can hold your head high at any
time, proud of both your mistakes and accomplishments. Proud of
who you are.

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