Peter Obi is not too good with the economy-Obi Trice Emeka

I have read lots of posts saying Peter Obi has better economic
knowledge haven ran successful chain of businesses. I disagree. I
have refrained from writing about Peter Obi,

1. Because I don’t want to argue with lots of my friends who are in the PDP and are
his loyalists

2. Because he is my next door neighbor, my town shares a border with his and he is a good friend of my community and no one should put down his brother in public and

3. Politics is unpredictable you can’t predict your next move and written words might be a hurtful reminder for 8 years that Peter Obi ran Anambra he couldn’t raise Anambra IGR beyond N600m left by his predecessor( It took Obiano a year, despite economic downturn to raise it to N1.2b).

This is the biggest economic productivity index for any governor. It means that if the FG stopped given FAAC allocation to Anambra as that
time Anambra would have ceased to function. In simple terms
Anambra wasn’t viable under Obi.

For 8 years no local government election took place and the only
employment that took place under him was done in August 2013, 2
months to elections. Obiano began paying them when he took over
For the 8 years Obi governed, no single budget was made public,
hence no tool to measure transparency. For his famed cost
reduction mechanism there was no reforms to make public
procurement more transparent neither was the tender process an

Sorry. No data so far.

There was no job creation initiative. They was no tax reforms nor
any in the ease of doing business. The NBS records that poverty
grew under him. The only company which came to Anambra that
period through government support was Intafact brewery( Which is
complicated. I will allow those who have information on it to. I will

Very often, People equate savings as Economic productivity. Yes,
in the term of saving rather than wasting but economic productivity
is beyond that. As someone once wrote, No one has ever become
a billionaire by saving. Prof. Charles Soludo concludes Obi
performance in Anambra by writing that he ran a ‘traders’

I will score Obi high on roads and school renovation but very low
on the economy.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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