Planning for the New Year: How to ensure you fulfil all your resolutions

We make plans for the year, swear on the 1st of January that we will drop certain habits, yet we find ourselves going back on what we said. I bet that, like me, you are weary- but let us see how we can make 2019 a better year.
1. Set SMART goals
The nature of goals we set is extremely important. Some people go for goals that are a far cry from their current reality. In the end, execution is impossible. To guide the types of goals you go for, follow the SMART principle.
S- simple (your goals should be clear and precise)
M- measurable (there should be a system to measure, whether or not you have achieved it)
A-achievable (it should be something you have the capacity to achieve)
R-realistic (it should be consistent with your reality)
T-timebound (there should be a time frame of when the goal ought to be achieved)
2. Focus on a few
When you write down your goals, you may have so many of them. However, if you can isolate the most important ones, whose achievement will impact other areas of your life, you will be more productive throughout the year.
3. Work out a plan for execution
Don’t set goals and then fold your arms. Come up with a fool-proof strategy that breaks the goals in bits.
4. Replace old habits with new ones
If your goal is to drop a habit, you should pick up something else. Psychologists advise that the best way to let go of an addiction is by picking up a new, positive one.
5. Be disciplined
Stick to your regimen religiously. In fact, there should be a penalty for failing to do a particular thing.
6. Get help
Work with an accountability buddy/ mentor. Pay for coaching if you must because it takes accountability to get the average human off his/her butt.
All the best!

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