Playing for Nigeria is like betraying his mother’s wish

In the early days of the Chelsea player Victor Moses, there was
untold riots in Kaduna State by Fulani terrorists in 1992. This riot
took several lives of innocent souls without government of Nigeria
put up a panel of investigation to unravel the cause of the untold
riot that took hundreds of lives. Many were not able to overcome
the shock of “Kaduna 1992 Riot” it was songs of memories of the
survivors who could not narrate exactly what happened and why
people ever thought of killing everyone you see in a compound
which resulted that father, mother, children were gunned down by
the Fulani terrorists without mercy. Who and who were involved ,
nobody could narrate because children ran for safety
uncontrollably to the extent children whose parents were killed at
their tender age grew up without knowing who their parents were.
That was exactly what happened to Victor Moses, he did not know
or could explain who actually was his parents, uncle or relations.
The riot caused lots of emotions, mournings, horror, fears and
worries to Nigerians living within the vicinity.
Kaduna 1992 Riot made many people relocated to safer States
while some decided to leave Nigeria and vowed never to come
back to this wicked, unsecured, demonic nation called Nigeria.
When Moses’s parents were murdered, his uncle took him to
London and trained him from that tender age till he was able to
know that there was a country that could not secure the precious
lives of his parents, indeed that nation called Nigeria was the
cause of the deaths of his parents.
The life in London and the nature of the secured environment made
Victor Moses easily adapted and overcame the shock of loosing his
parents in the hands of Fulani terrorists. How he survived in the hit
of that riot, nobody knew when, where and how he was saved. If it
were Victor Moses that was murdered in that riot by Fulani
terrorists, who would have replaced the skills and experiences so
far gathered and contributed to the national team of Nigeria? At
early stage of his football life, he vowed never to wear green and
white, no wonder he opted for England under 17 and 20 but
because of impatience and fear of being dumped by England senior
team, he decided to play for Nigeria by switching his nationality.
Between these years of playing for Nigeria, caring country would
have revisited the cause of Kaduna riot in 1992 but Nigerian
government never cared or thought of that. In the first place, what
would have made Victor Moses to bring an honor to a country that
played down the deaths of his young enticing parents then? Should
it be money or passion, patriotism? His actions speaks louder than
words. After rain comes sunshine, the night has fast approached
and today Victor Moses at the age of 27 has announced his
retirement from Nigerian senior team without any cogent reason.
Does it mean that he has reflected what transpired that caused the
deaths of his parents? Time will tell.
Decision to play for Nigeria; a country that murdered husband and
wife the same time without a just cause is not worth dying for. No
matter the reasons Victor Moses had in playing for Nigeria national
team is not worth listening to. In the first place, can he table
efforts put in place by Nigerian government to show sympathy for
the killings of his parents by Fulani terrorists in Kaduna State? If
Moses had exercised patience with the senior team of England, he
would have been a great member of the team just like Dele Ali who
discovered that Nigeria is not worth dying for. From all indication,
Victor Moses is not happy playing for Nigeria.
It is worthy of note, that during the time Nigeria won African cup of
Nations in South Africa, he was not seen in Nigeria as he left from
there to London. Many would agree that for Victor Moses to have
ever played for Nigeria, Victor Moses took the part of dishonouring
his late murdered parents in honour of the murderer called Nigeria.
His early retirement from the senior national team of Nigeria was
guilty conscience because his parents are precious gifts to him and
anyone against them are also against you. Victor Moses by his
action for volunteering to play for Nigeria and brought honour to it
indeed urinated on the graves of his late murdered parents.

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