Police assault: Inspector Lawal Murtala brutally harassing people in Lagos (see video)

Inspector Lawal Murtala of the Dopemu division Lagos, Nigeria,
beat me up today just because i recorded him beating up an
innocent man and was dragged to the police station.
I was detained for hours, and the video forcefully deleted of which
unknowing to them, i had already forwarded one successfully to
my sister via WhatsApp.

Then my phone was smashed and seized. Imagine going to report
an assault by a policeman and i get detained instead saying a
policeman can do whatever he likes and that videoing a policeman
is an offence.

The dpo , a woman was in full support of the policeman, ordered
that i get detained saying i wanted to video to post and she will not
let that happen. I was detained from 2pm till 7pm. This is

The police who should protect us are the ones victimising is and
this should change. It is not just fair. We all should say no to
police brutality.” Bibi Anne
My view:

Such men like this ought not to be in our forces.
Police brutality is not done by Ghosts, let’s find this one and deal

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