Police did not invite the senate president for questioning in relation to offa robbery

The arms and ammunitions used in the robbery
are alleged to be from Saraki and Ahmed. The boys are Saraki’s
thugs. They were fighting political wars for Saraki and the
governor. They went into the robbery on their own, using arms
supplied to them for politics.
The Niger Delta “wahala” started from politically sponsored thugs.
Boko Haram has the same story and many more. The killings in
Annang land today, and the killings in our LGA some years ago had
political roots. The mass kidnappings during Akpabio’s time
started as a political intimidation agenda.
Let’s not get it twisted, most of the evil in our nation always have
political foundation as arms used for political activities eventually
end up for other purposes.
I don’t know why we hold brief for the same folks who are the
problems we have to deal with while expecting govt to make things
sane. Let Saraki honour his invitation. But if anybody knows more
than what the police know.
Assumptions could breed failure…
In fact, if you’re a keen student of Nigerian politics, you’d notice
the similarities between Akwa Ibom Politics and Kwara Politics in
the following ways:
1. One family dominates the politics of both states.
2. Heavy deployment of violence, killings and intimidation of
3. The “Oga on top” (OOT) always choose a Stooge as successors.
4. The two OOT are in the Senate today, and they’re very close
allies and friends.
5. They both want to dominate their states forever!


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