Police Officers Caught Engaging In A Sexual Act In Patrol Car

A meeting between two police officers was caught on a cell phone camera as the pair carried out a sexual encounter while on-duty in Argentina.
The couple was inside their squad car stationed idly on an alleyway in the northeastern city of Santa Fe when they were filmed engaging in sexual act in broad daylight
The uniformed agents, belonging to Regional Unit I in the northeaster Argentine city, were not aware they were being filmed when they took their sexual feelings towards to another level in broad daylight.
Law enforcement officials did not reveal the names of the suspended cops, who are under investigation. The exact date of when the shocking event took place was not made public.
Cops were not aware they were being watched during their encounter while they were on the clock inside the patrol car. According to Argentine news radio Aire de Santa Fe, David Reniero, Secretary of the Security Force, called their decision ‘a grave mistake’. ‘We don’t need these people on this force. We don’t want these types of attitudes,’ Reniero said.
‘We’re going for the maximum penalty that can be applied under these cases. If in any case, criminal charges could correspond.’

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  1. this is totally bad
    i think their government should give them the right punishment

  2. Hmmm, law enforcement agent for that matter.

  3. Good

  4. Hahaha. Conji no good ooo

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