The dilemma of how to curbed the seasonal conflict resulting from
inter and intra elites bargaining remained a perennial problem in
Nigeria, due to human disposition to wealth and prestige the respect
for the multifaceted and elusive concept (power). The
effectiveness of any democracy is in leadership recruitment
processes, beginning from internal democracy one of the panacea
for political conflict resolution is at best observed in breached. A
clear case of overtones of excessive paternalism among major
political parties struggling for power in a supposedly Democratic
society. The patriarchal syndrome of godfatherism that swayed
and monopolised primary elections is a maximum expression of
ideological backwardness that often prone political parties to
avoidable conflict. Perhaps, monetization of politics nourishes
godfatherism and put the youths and other competent individuals
less financially endowed with prerequisite leadership acumen out
of political contest based the pre exclusion strategy designed and
adopted by elites class. But we must not allowed politics to tier
apart the bastion of intellectualism in Nigeria, therefore,internal
democracy,enabling political will, and strong legislative efforts to
reduced election cost in placed of the dead letter law called not too
young to run are the answer’s.


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