Politics Vs Religion, the ECWA ideology

Nigeria is at the threshold of another year of elections. Come 2019,
there will be series of elections in the country. Already the system
is beginning to heat up with posters of different people vying for
different political offices visible at strategic public places. With
young people being targeted tools for use during this season, this
Youth Week’s Bible Study, along with the 2018 ECWA’s theme of
Joy in Suffering (1 Peter 4: 13), is intended to enlighten and
challenge them to be wise and watchful. During this season, the
faith of many youth will be tested. During this season also, their
political allegiance, stand, and ideology will be tried. From the
experience of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, this two-session
Bible study will draw lessons and challenge our youth to give their
unalloyed allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ!
General Outline
1. Session one: Suffering For Your Faith
2. Session two: Suffering For Your Political Ideology
Session One
Topic: Suffering For Your Faith
Text: Daniel 3: 8-23
Aim: For Believers to know that suffering is a part of their identity
Memory verse: John 16: 2
One’s faith gives him an identity – and one’s identity determines
how he is viewed and treated by others. The ill treatment these
three Jewish young men received came from the fact that they
were worshippers of Yahweh, the God of the Jews. King
Nebuchadnezzar’s decree was made solely to attack the faith of
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
Discussion Questions:
1. How were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego identified? Daniel
3: 8, 12
2. What is special about this identity and why do you think these
Chaldeans “maliciously accused” those with it?
3. Considering that the suffering of Shadrach, Meshach, and
Abednego was because of their identity, in what practical ways
does this apply to you as a Christian youth today?
4. In view of King Nebuchadnezzar’s statement (Daniel 3: 15c) and
the answer of the three young men (Daniel 3: 16-18), who was
actually being attacked?
5. Looking at number 4 above, when we suffer for our faith, who
really suffers? Acts 9: 4-5. What encouragement do you get from
knowing this?
6. What consolation do we have for suffering for our faith? Daniel
3: 24-30. But what caution should we take? Daniel 3: 17-18
This study has shown us how influential an identity is. For the
three Jewish young men, their identity brought them suffering at
first but glory at last because of the way they conducted
themselves. ECWA youth can learn so much from their Jewish
Session Two
Topic: Suffering For Your Political Ideology
Text: Daniel 3: 1-12
Aim: To disabuse the minds of Christians on involvement in politics
Memory verse: Proverbs 29: 2
In our last study, we saw how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
suffered as a result of their identity being Jews, worshippers of
Yahweh. We also saw how Yahweh used that situation to glorify
and make Himself known in Babylon. In all this, there were political
undertones, which were responsible for what played out. This
second session of our study focuses on the political side of
suffering and shows us what role politics plays in the survival and
expansion of our faith as Christians.
Discussion Questions:
1. What politics do you see at play in Daniel 3: 8?
2. How is a decree a political tool and why is the faith of the
person who uses this tool very influential? Daniel 3: 9-12
3. What role do political advisers play in determining political
directions and decisions in view of the passage we are studying?
4. Considering the game plan of these political advisers in King
Nebuchadnezzar’s government, what did they want done to the
Jewish faith? How is the Christian faith suffering in Nigeria today
in similar manner?
5. Who do you consider to be the “righteous” and what happens to
the people when they rule? Proverbs 29: 2
6. How closely related are faith and politics when you consider
King Nebuchadnezzar, a political head, setting up an image for
worship? Daniel 3: 1-5. In view of this reality, how should
Christians in Nigeria view politics in relation to their faith?
The political advisers in Nebuchadnezzar’s government did not see
any separation between faith and politics. They worked hard to
exterminate the Jewish faith, which they considered to be a threat
to their idol faith. The King also as the political head was also the
spiritual head. He utilized his position and capacity to uphold his
faith and suppress the Jewish faith until God intervened directly.
The Jewish young people suffered being put in the furnace for their
faith as Jews but also because of their political differences as
Jews who were coming against Chaldeans. Let us learn a lesson
from this particularly in Nigeria where some think that “good
Christians” should stay away from politics. Those who are
spiritually disciplined, as we saw in our first study, and have the
political capacity should be involved and bring glory to God in that


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