Popular view on Kemi Adeosun resignation as finance minister

Chief Rotimi Williams Fadoju has his own views below
The issue of Kemi Adeosun should not be politicised in my own
opinion. Rather, it should be seen as national disgrace. My reasons
are as follows:
1) Nigerians in the Diaspora are being encouraged to come back
home and contribute their quotas to the development of Nigeria,
using mere NYSC discharge certificate, that added no educational
value to anyone’s qualification as a weapon against Adeosun, will
surely discourage many more Nigerians in the Diaspora to come
2) Nobody contested the educational qualification of Mrs Adeosun
and her ability to perform.
3) Mrs Adeosun wasn’t born in Nigeria, and records shows that,
she got her first Nigerian passport at the age of 34, that needs to
be considered.
4) Mrs Adeosun was four years above the age of service before
relocating to Nigeria.
5) Before we judge and crucify Mrs Adeosun, let’s ask ourselves,
have I ever asked anybody to do anything on my behalf?
6) This same certificate was presented to Ogun State House of
Assembly and our own DSS; they both cleared and affirm the
authenticity of the certificates.
7) Same sets of certificates were presented to our National
Assembly and DSS for scrutiny, they both affirm the authenticity.
As a true Nigerian, aren’t we suppose to be ashamed of our
I do not condone criminal activities, but I won’t be blind in

Mr Afolabi Oyeyemi Adebayo also has his view on Adeosun below
There is essentially nothing significant in any of the points above.
(1) the law is the law, and there is nothing like a MERE NYSC
certificate; mind you , you won’t get employed almost anywhere in
this country if you don’t have your NYSC certificate or the
(2) what qualifies one for NYSC exemption is If one GRADUATES
after age 30; otherwise many people would also have preferred to
have worked till above 30yrs and then apply for exemption.
(3). She wasn’t qualified to have applied for exemption based on
the above. The only way out was to have served the country or not
hold any public office. Some of us served with some elderly people
during NYSC. This means there is no ambiguity in the law
(4) There was allegation that the NASS was blackmailing her with
this information which might mean she has known about this for
only God knows when. Why will she want to get away with
something she couldn’t have tried in the UK?
(5) she isn’t the only Nigerian who can serve in the capacity of
Finance minister. Maybe we don’t even need to look from outside
the country
(6) while we encourage people in diaspora to come home to
contribute to national development, its not necessarily to hold
public office, and even if such will hold public office, he/she must
not be found wanting in any of the requirements.
(7) It is an insult and disservice to all those who took the pain to
respect the nation by either coming to serve or send their children
to serve bearing in mind that it might be needed in the future.
Usually when people choose not to do NYSC, they have given up
and concluded that they wouldn’t have anything to do with the
country? How else could you explain not getting a Nigerian
passport till age 34?
(8) I conclude with the example of south Korea who makes it
compulsory for citizens (home and abroad) , rich and poor, to
undergo military training. A certain successful footballer almost
had to go back home for the mandatory exercise till he met one of
the exception requirements. That’s a country of laws. While we
can continue to debate the relevance of NYSC, we must keep
respecting our laws.

Zakarriyahu Omoloja has his say
Kemi Adeosun blew a hard whistle and underestimated the
powers of Northern FN Oligarchy Cabal of PMB
Remember, Kemi Adeosun NYSC Certificate Saga started when
she blew a whistle questioning the revenues remitted by NNPC and
said “the revenues are unacceptably low” which led to the
postponement of FAAC Meeting three times sometime between
June to July, 2018.
Her forgery issue has been there for long and even those in power
are conscious of it. As long as she understood the game and
played along there was no forgery issue.
The corruption issue she unwittingly raised was swept under the
carpet and few days after we saw some Buharists posting her
reconciliatory picture with NNPC GMD, Maikanti Baru.
We followed the issue keenly then but since when the issue of her
forgery surfaced, we knew Poor Kemi is gone and gone for real.
She dared the Northern FN Oligarchy or cabal as some may call
Her NYSC issue is a smokescreen. It has been mentioned, long
ago, addressed by Kemi and forgotten. Her sin was blowing a loud
whistle by saying Oil Production per day has not reduced, global oil
price per barrel has improved, so why should NNPC Revenue
remittances be low. She challenged NNPC saying their remittances
are unacceptably low. The direct import of her querry was blowing
a whistle of the existence of corruption in the sacred NNPC.
Perharps by doing her work deligently she was not mindful of Who
the Nigerian Minister of Petroluem is.

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