Pre Buhari and Post Buhari government reaction to massacre in Nigeria

1.In February 2011, between 200-500 armed Fulani herdsmen
attacked communities in Gwer LGA of Benue state killing countless
residents and displacing an estimated 20,000 people.The federal
government looked confused on how to handle the situation,didnt
2.April 2011 post election violence in several Northern states led to
the killing of over 800 Nigerians,displacing an estimated 70,000
and the destruction of properties worth billions of naira.The GEJ
led federal government looked more confused,didnt they?
3.Christmas Day 2011 bombing of St Theresa’s church in Madalla
near Abuja killed about 40 worshippers and wounded about 60
people.The federal government still looked confused.I remember
Ihejirika going to the East and thanking people for not resorting to
4.In June 2012,the police and military killed 16 MASSOB activists
and wounded 85 in Onitsha.The federal government never gave a
reasonable explanation for this mass killing,did they?
5.In July 2012,herdsmen killed Senator Gyang Dantong and the
Majority Leader of Plateau state House of Assembly; Gyang Fulani
after they went for the mass burial of more than 50 people also
killed by herdsmen around Barkin Ladi and Riyom LGAs of Plateau
state.The FG couldnt explain how herdsmen killed this serving
6.In August 2012,herdsmen killed two teenage students who had
gone to their family farms at Nimbo in Uzo Uwani LGA of Enugu
state.I am not sure if the federal police visited the scene.
7.In January 2013,the bloated bodies of about 30 men aged 25-40
were dumped in Ezu River near Awka in Anambra state.Local
people who drink and use the water for their everyday needs just
saw the bodies floating in the river when they went there to fetch
water in the morning.Nobody knew who killed those people or who
they were till this day.
8.In April 2014,a bombing in two bus terminals in Nyanya near
Abuja left 90 people dead and more than 200 seriously injured.The
trauma of moving limbs i saw in a video of the incident is still fresh
on my mind.How did you or the government react to this tragedy?
9.How did you react to these incidents and many more at the
time?Did you support the government handling of the issue at the
10.If you disliked government handling of this crisis at the
time,why are you not showing similar dislike to the current
lacklustre government response?
If you supported government response at the time,why are you not
supporting similar government response now?


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