Pregnant woman attacked by neighbour loses pregnancy


A woman identified as Mrs Nkiru Peter, pictured above, has reportedly lost her pregnancy after one of her neighbours’ sons, ThankGod, allegedly gave her a headbutt during an argument.

According to Punch, Mrs. Peter lived in the same compound with Thankgod’s parents  on Odinaka Street, Afromedia, Ajangbadi in Lagos State. Trouble started when Mama Thankgod got into an argument with Mrs Peter over the use of water. Mama Thankgod alleged that she pumped water which Peter’s domestic help, identified as Oluchi, had used without her permission.

Oluchi was said to have denied using the water, which resulted in a quarrel between Mama ThankGod and  Mrs Peter, with the former said to have called the latter a witch. Oluchi was said to have told Mama ThankGod that her boss is not a witch.

Angry that the househelp challenged his mother, ThankGod allegedly attacked a pregnant Mrs Peters by giving her a headbutt, while his mother allegedly gave him a stone, which he used to injure the pregnant woman.

Peter was said to have fainted after the attack and rushed to the New Life Hospital in Ajangbadi for medical attention.

An eyewitness said that while Peter was taken to the hospital, ThankGod rushed to the Okokomaiko Police Station to report that he and his mother were manhandled by the pregnant lady. The eyewitness said the Divisional Police Officer sent two policemen to arrest Peter from the hospital, adding that when the policemen got to the hospital, a doctor asked them to arrange for a vehicle to convey the lady to the station.

“ThankGod and his mother inflicted serious injuries on the woman. While the woman was taken to the hospital, ThankGod went to report the matter at the Okokomaiko Police Station as though the lady was the one that caused the problem.

The DPO ordered the arrest of the pregnant lady from the hospital. When the policemen who were sent to the hospital to arrest the woman got there, the doctor told them that they could not drag the woman out of the hospital because of her condition. He asked them to provide a vehicle, which they did. When the woman was taken to the police station, the DPO ordered that ThankGod be detained instead, although he was later released. But from what we gathered, the woman lost her pregnancy in the process.” he said

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the state police command, Chike Oti, said

“The police had met with both of them and asked them to live together in peace. We let them know that they could not get anything by fighting each another.  All the parties to the incident suffered different kinds of injuries. The offence is open to bail. So, the man was released to go and treat himself. The police have also scheduled another meeting with them on how they can live peacefully.”

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