Dear Biafrans,
I wish to notify and equally remind my faithful, focused,
determined and fearless Biafrans working assiduously for the
project of Biafra nation which is about the Biafra proposed
referendum around the corner, set to be unveiled in no distant
time. It is pertinent to let you know that much is expected from all
of us both home and abroad to prepare our people that are yet to
understand the meaning of referendum across Biafra land.
I want to sincerely appreciate IPOB Leadership, dedicated Biafrans
and her media henchmen (Family Writers Press, Biafra TV etc) for
their resoluteness in this very move to restore the pride of the
African race through making Biafra a reality. It is a great
achievement to remain relentless amidst instigations by the
enemies, the Nigerian government and all the failed attempts to
test our resolve for the total restoration of Biafra to her original
state for the betterment of African continent.
Furthermore, Biafrans around the world need to be well organized
in their respective locations and prepare ahead of the proposed
referendum as stipulated in United Nations Charter. This is the
appropriate time to sensitize our people. It is a moment of taking
the awareness to all nooks and crannies of Biafra land because
time waits for nobody.
A call for referendum is never a call for war. So, those seeing a
clamour for referendum as a call for war should note that
referendum means “an act of a direct popular vote where the
masses are called upon to decide on a particular proposal through
votes”. Is there any crime deciding to exit a society that is not
functional/favourable to you? For example, do we have anyone
here praying to tarry in bondage?
That is why I will never forget His Excellency, Prince Nnamdi Kanu,
the man who saw tomorrow and told us to tidy up ourselves to
understand the essence or danger of being called a Nigerian or
belonging to a society that is never your identity. However, many
paid deaf ears to his counsel at the time of dishing out the warning
and now that the righteous mentor and revealer is nowhere to be
found we are lamenting and crying for help.
I have said it before and would repeat it nothing will hinder the
islamization of Nigeria unless we exit Nigeria and restore Biafra.
Referendum is the only key to peace, success and growth in all our
undertakings as an indigenous population with the help of media
sensitization, house to house evangelism, peaceful rallies, etc.
Recall that since 1914 till date, killings, marginalization, slavery,
molestation, intimidation and starving of innocent Biafrans to death
have been the order of the day by the murderous Nigerian
government. Over 6 million Biafrans have lost their lives in the
hands of the Nigerian State for committing no crime against
humanity since 1967 but asking for their right to self
determination, right to speak against injustice, right to self reliance
and right to freedom of speech. Upon all these unjust
maltreatment you still suggest we stay together to receive more
torture and other inhuman treatments.
Oh no! Biafrans, we must stand to resist a tempo made for the
destruction of our lives and property by the murderous government
of Nigeria and we shall only defeat them by deciding where to
belong by coming together in unity to exit Nigeria through a
referendum. It is our utmost responsibility to reach out to our
youths, mothers and fathers in rural areas to deliver this message
of elevation. We must make them understand that our lives are
taken forcefully from us and more are going down on daily basis
which we experienced and still experiencing from men of the
Nigerian Armed Forces, Fulani herdsmen ravaging our land,
causing havocs and trying their possible best to reduce our
indigenous population.
Note: these are paid Northern Nigerians mapped out by the
Nigerian government to cause destructions in Biafra land before
the exit of the people of Biafra.
I really know this piece will reach out to my beloved Biafran
brothers and sisters from the riverine area as well as the Niger-
Delta people to encourage them to make a u-turn and participate
massively in the upcoming proposed referendum for Biafra nation.



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